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Video of a young Taylor Swift fan trying to figure out how a CD works is making us all feel old

Three teen fans struggling to get the CDs out of its case makes Swifties all over the world realize that the world around them has changed rapidly.

Video of a young Taylor Swift fan trying to figure out how a CD works is making us all feel old
Image Source: X/@swifferupdates

Taylor Swift is a once-in-a-generation artist who has been entertaining her fans since the age of 15. No one is safe from the magic of Swift's tunes, starting from people in their early teens to those enjoying their 80s. This age difference though enjoyable, sometimes leads to awkward meetups within 'Swifties.' An example of it was captured in a TikTok video by @swiftiebabies13 in which a millennial was left chuckling seeing teenagers struggling to figure out how to remove Swift's CDs from the case. It was later reposted on @swifferupdates on X (formerly Twitter) and collected 1.2 million views and 13k likes in no time. 

Image Source: X/@swifferupdates
Image Source: X/@swifferupdates

Though many still consider their CD collection a priceless commodity, it is crystal clear that they have gone "out of style." The iPod generation which has subscriptions to multiple music streaming services is not akin to CDs. As Statista revealed in 2022, CDs are at their lowest phase and may soon completely wipe out. Therefore, it was not surprising to see three teen Swifties struggle to get one of the artist's CDs from the case. The task was anyway always a hackle, with the fear of scratching or breaking. Some might ask then why did these teens even bother to buy the CDs and it was of course because of the love they have for the artist.

Image Source: X/@swifferupdates
Image Source: X/@swifferupdates

Swift has been re-releasing many of her albums to gain full ownership of her music. Her fans have vowed to make each of those as successful as possible, causing the singer to break record after record. Swift always puts out her music in as many formats as possible, such as Vinyls and CDs. Being her superfans, these teens wanted to get their hands on the CDs and support their favorite. But they did not quite figure out how to work those CDs. The video was captioned with, "Baby Swifties learning what a CD is."

The three girls all had different suggestions for getting the CDs out. One wanted to press the center nob to eject the CD and another suggested rotating it while the third one was anxious that they would break it. Eventually, the woman recording the video helped them out while saying, "You guys are making me laugh because this is how we listened to music." This caused one of the girls to triumphantly exclaim, "I knew that was a button!" Along with the woman recording the video, it was a moment of realization for many fans who have also grown up with Swift's music. People on X were taken aback that the task that was once so common has become extraneous for the present generation. As per @swifferupdates, the video also gained the attention of Taylor Swift.




The comment section was full of people wondering when and how the world around them changed so much. @Wicky_dubs_WX shared how this video aged them rapidly, "This made me feel like I was pushing 45 as a 22-year-old." @daylightpeace shared their struggles with CDs and commented, "Despite being 21 and growing up on CDs, I lowkey struggle to get them out too bc I’m too scared to break it in half or some."


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