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Victoria Beckham’s sassy advice steals the show in vintage 'Spice Girls' column

The Spice Girl's blunt responses in an advice column from the '90s resurface, captivating fans.

Victoria Beckham’s sassy advice steals the show in vintage 'Spice Girls' column
Cover Image Source: Victoria Beckham attends the Premiere Of 'Lola' at Regency Bruin Theatre on February 03, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images); X | @JMRGBY

Question-answer columns are often the most interesting part of a magazine or newspaper. As absurd as the questions may be, typical responses tend to be logical and well thought out. That was not the case with Victoria Beckham, who went all out while advising people in an old "Spice Girls" column from the 1990s. Though other "Spice Girl" members also answered these questions, people especially loved Victoria Beckham's ruthless response to each question.

Image Source: Spice Girls | Getty Images | ZIK Images | United Archives
Image Source: Spice Girls | Getty Images | ZIK Images | United Archives

Jamie, who goes by @JMRGBY_ on X, posted the advice from an old column on the platform.

One question from the old column was from a love-lorn young man. "I'm a lad of fifteen and my problem is that my girlfriends chuck me after about two weeks. I do all the right things - I buy them flowers, write them poems, give them chocolate, and take them out for meals. Why do they keep leaving me?" Being the fashionista, Victoria responded, "Look in the mirror. Maybe you're a bit of a tosser with bad dress sense and you'd be better off spending the money on some new clothes." Emma Bunton also had a gentler response, asking the boy not to be too hard on himself. "Maybe you're trying too hard to please when really should please yourself," Bunton said. 

Another question came from a troubled victim of the rumor mill. "There's this boy at school who's telling everyone he's had sex with me. How can I stop his lies?" To this, Victoria replied, "Beat him at his game by going around the school saying what a bad shag he was." Mel B, on the other hand, wanted the person to confront the boy in front of his friends. She said that would embarrass him and get others to accept that he was lying. 

The following question was from a person who feels embarrassed to use the toilet in their boyfriend's house because they don't want him to smell it. Victoria suggested they should leave the house, saying they left something in the car and then find a toilet around the corner. On the contrary, Bunton advised the person to be open about it. She said, "Everybody poos and wees! You could make a joke out of it with a smile on your face: 'I'm going for a Number 2!'"

The final responses were the ones that proved that these women were ahead of their times. The question was, "I recently caught my brother dressing up in my clothes. He was really embarrassed when I walked in. Does this mean he's a pervert?" Victoria suggested looking at the brighter side as if he started dressing as a woman she would get to borrow those clothes. Mel B and Geri answered that the person might be experimenting with his feminine side or it might be just a phase. Either way, it's a good thing for her. 

People loved how Victoria didn't hesitate to speak her heart out. @nousernamehunty commented, "This is legendary. I need her to be a full-time agony aunt so I can read this weekly." @woahbodyform expressed, "Are these real? God, I hope so." @Andrewnotmatt shared, "Can we take note of how positive they all were on the 4th one, and this was over 20 years ago."


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