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Veteran who lost a limb during deployment adopts three-legged dog in wholesome story

The dog couldn't have found a better guardian than the veteran, who knows the pain of the loss of a limb. Their union was a sight to watch.

Veteran who lost a limb during deployment adopts three-legged dog in wholesome story
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/sa3hka

If we turn our adversity into a chance to help others, it gives us a purpose. In a recent video uploaded on Reddit by u/sa3hka, we see a person gently stroking a dog, whose leg was amputated after a severe injury. The text overlay of the video read, "This dog came up with a fractured right leg and our vet had to amputate his leg." In the video, we see the dog sitting with someone and he was even excited to meet his new owner. After some time, a man arrives and is seen sitting alongside the dog. This man is a veteran who lost a leg during his deployment. He decided to adopt this dog. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/sa3hka
Image Source: Reddit | u/sa3hka


As the video concludes, we see the veteran leave with the dog and the gates of the hospital are closing. This heartwarming clip has background music throughout and it is "Yellow" by Coldplay. The veteran decided to help the dog as he could relate to the predicament of the injured canine and knew that he deserved to be taken special care of. People on the internet were also touched by this gesture and felt happy that the dog found his guardian in the veteran. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/sa3hka
Image Source: Reddit | u/sa3hka


As for the video, it has received 37 thousand upvotes and 315 comments. u/sas814 commented, "It made me sad and happy at the same time. Wish they remain inseparable." u/KevinFlantier gave some perspective to people and wrote, "I love dogs because they are happy. Remove a leg and they're like, 'Yeah I can walk on three legs whatever, when are we going out for a walk?'" u/Malibucat48 wrote, "My neighbor had a dog who lost the same leg as this dog and he led a great life and was very happy. He was able to run and play. It’s so nice these two found each other."

In another touching story about a dog lover and a pet pooch, we see Detective Tony Hawpe, a longtime Newton police K-9 officer, realize that he would have to say goodbye to his work partner and his beloved pet Bella, a 9-year-old Belgian Malinois. She had to be euthanized on June 27 after she was unable to fight a medical condition. Bella retired from service in January and had a violent seizure last month. The same day, she had to be put to sleep as she was unable to be retrieved. Hawpe shared the news through a Facebook post. In the lengthy note, he opened up about his experience of going to Newton Animal Hospital after the seizure and the efforts undertaken by the staff and doctors to save her. The symptoms of Bella along with her tests made Dr. Shane Tonn come to the conclusion that there might be a tumor in the Belgian Malinois's brain which was slowly growing. On the day of her seizure, the tumor might have grown so much that it cut off the vessels present in the brain.


Hawpe also mentioned his last words to Bella on his Facebook page, “I love you. I’ll see you on the other side.” After knowing that the tumor was the reason behind Bella's behavioral change, Hawpe wishes he wasn't so angry about the whole situation. 

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