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Veterinarian explains why putting pets to sleep isn't the hardest part of their job

They also revealed that the hardest parts of their job actually concern the pet parent more than the pet.

Veterinarian explains why putting pets to sleep isn't the hardest part of their job
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Losing a beloved pet is no less heartbreaking than the death of a human family member. After having been your constant companion, confidante, and unconditional source of support at times when you're anxious or distressed, the prospect of life without them might seem rather empty and glum. Therefore, it's no wonder that any pet parent or animal lover would consider the practice of putting down a pet—something veterinarians find themselves having to do countless times in their career—the hardest thing anyone could ever do. One vet, however, recently decided to speak out against the common belief that animal euthanasia is the most difficult part of their job.

Image Source: Imgur/GaelicandUnpronounceable

In an enlightening and touching post on Imgur, a user named GaelicandUnpronounceable—who identified themselves as a qualified veterinarian—explained why they refuted this notion and revealed the actual hardest bits of their job. "I've been a qualified vet for three years now and whenever I put an animal down, the owners always say, 'this must be the hardest part of your job.' It's not, it's not even close, most of the time I don't even find it that sad," they wrote.



"[Having said] that, I'm obviously devastated for my clients that they are losing a member of their family, and I will always be there to give them a hug (pre-Covid) and talk to them if they need. For me, being able to end an animal's suffering is a real privilege, watching animals suffer until their bodies give up is way more upsetting than the alternative. Does that make me a bad vet? Hopefully not," the user explained. They went on to explain that the three hardest parts of their job actually concern pet parents more than the pet.



"It's really hard when you know there are treatments/diagnostics that could help a pet but their owner can't afford it. My heart breaks for the poor owner and the pet, and I always wish there was more I could do," they wrote. "Being yelled out day in and day out about the costs of treatments/diagnostics is so emotionally draining. I wish people could realize that I don't set the prices, and even if I could, it costs a small fortune to run a vet's practice, the costs are covering that. People are willing to pay £2500 - £3000 to a breeder for a crossbreed at the moment, but £70 for a health check and primary vaccine course is profiteering??"



As for the third hardest part of being a vet, they revealed: "People trusting Facebook more than us. People view my 5-year medical degree as worthless compared to Karen telling you that this flea collar or vaccine kills your dog." Although the user presented a side of things that might not be quite popular with some, several users on Imgur were able to see their point. "That makes sense, because when they need to be put down, they’re 99 percent of the time miserable and suffering, and you get to stop that," wrote TheJudgeHolden. "Everyone else in my family is a vet. I worked as a receptionist for years. Clients are the worst part. Vet suicide rates have been crazy," commented SarahTheOtherOne.




"Worked at a vet's office for 15 years. Toughest was telling the owner what’s wrong with their pet and them choosing (literally choosing) not to listen to the advice or recommendation," wrote llamallamadingd0ng. "Then yelling and getting pissed when it’s time to put to sleep. Could have been prevented. [The] second was those who come in and want to euthanize their pet to 'make it easy' for them (not the pet)."

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