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Experts relieved as world's 'only' all-white albino panda caught on camera for the first time in 3 years

Researchers breathe a sigh of relief as the Rare Albino panda located 5 years ago resurfaces with its family.

Experts relieved as world's 'only' all-white albino panda caught on camera for the first time in 3 years
Cover Image Source: Youtube screenshot | CNA

Numerous animal species have experienced devastating harm and, tragically, some have even faced extinction due to human activities. Among these species is the Albino Panda, which has particularly suffered as a result of the significant growth in the Chinese population, leading to a substantial reduction in its natural habitat. The condition of the Albino Panda has deteriorated so much that in the last five years, it has only been located once. Fortunately, the Albino Panda that was spotted in 2019 has survived and is doing well, as reported by Wolong National Nature Reserve.


The video not only provides a glimpse of the all-white Panda but also captures his family. The Reserve first located this Albino Panda in 2019 where it was discovered that it did not have any Black spots. At that time, it was determined comprehensively that it was the only one of its kind in the world. The fact remains true to this day. After 2019, this is the first time the Albino Panda has been captured with the help of motion-activated cameras.


Apart from the absence of black spots, the Albino-pandas can also be identified with their unique eyes which are red in color. The particular Albino Panda in the video is at present 5 or 6 years old, but its gender is still not clear. Since it is going to soon reach the age of sexual maturity, the researchers are expecting to soon learn this detail.

The video showcases the panda walking through the reserve which houses almost 150 Pandas and the way it interacts with the other pandas. In the clip, it is evident that the other pandas the Albino interacts with are not bothered by its different appearance, which is a good sign as it indicates that the animal is able to grow in a positive environment.


Li Sheng shared with CCTV that the fact that the Albino Panda is growing in such a positive environment is a good indicator, but it is still not clear whether its gene will pass on within the small population of this Reserve.

In order to determine that more research is required. In the video, the Albino Panda approached two Black and white Pandas, one of them in the hollow of the tree and the other outside it. It is evident that the Black-and-White pandas share a mother-child relationship. After both of them leave the scene the Albino Panda comes back to sniff through the surrounding.


The interesting thing to note in the video is that the Mother panda in the hollow of the tree did not chase the Albino Panda away. The Albino Panda is an adult and in accordance with Wei Rongping, a senior engineer at the China Conservation and Research Centre for Giant Pandas, “At the end of February, wild pandas in Wolong have entered the oestrus season, during which the female pandas with cubs can be very aggressive when an adult panda approaches or invades."

The fact that the Mother Panda did not chase away the Albino Panda when it approached her and her child can imply that she is the mother of the Albino Panda. The theory is further supported by the fact that in the footage the three pandas interact with each other almost 15 times.

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