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You can now order puppy snuggles for your loved ones this Valentine's Day

The doggos at The Animal Shelter of Sullivan County are set to play cupid this Valentine's as part of the non-profit's 'Valentine's Puppergrams' event.

You can now order puppy snuggles for your loved ones this Valentine's Day
Cover Image Source: Facebook/The Animal Shelter of Sullivan County

Here we go again. With the countdown to Valentine's day officially kicked off, I'm sure those of you who honor this yearly celebration of romance are feeling the pressure of picking out the perfect gift for your significant other. Will he like this fancy watch I've got my eye on? Will she hate me if I get her tickets to that concert I've been dying to go to? (hint: she will) Should I get her bouquet of 10 red roses or a 100? There are a billion things that could go wrong when it comes to Valentine's day gifts and you're not crazy to be overthinking this.

However, fear not, today we're going to introduce you to the one gift you simply cannot go wrong with. Well technically, it is the gift-giving method that will steal the show here. Imagine this: Your partner is at the office, having a pretty normal day—except for the heart confetti, red balloon, and cut out cupids all around them—and they get a message informing them that there's a special delivery at the door for them. Thanks to romcoms, they might expect a fancy bouquet or box of chocolates at best but you know what they're never going to see coming? This face:



How cute is she?! This right here is little miss Velvet who's currently a resident of The Animal Shelter of Sullivan County. Velvet and some of her pawsome pals are set to play cupid this Valentine's as part of the non-profit's 'Valentine's Puppergrams' event. The event is an ingenious fundraising campaign to help the facility care for animals and find them loving homes. Puppy love and valentines! Show the one you love some extra TLC with our amazing Puppergrams!! Donate $75 or more & a Vipseen Magazine personality will visit your Valentine with a shelter pup, the event description states.


Each Puppergram includes an office visit from one of the shelter’s adorable doggos who will personally deliver a gift of your choice to your loved one. Those interested can choose from two options for the gifts: two dozen roses and a red velvet "pupcake", or a dozen chocolate-dipped bacon roses with a one-hour ax-throwing pass. Oh yeah, I'm definitely sending a Puppergram to myself. I mean, getting gifts and treats on Valentine's day is in itself quite special, but to have an adorable pupperino to share it with?! That right there is the ultimate winner!


But wait! There's more. The gift-delivering puppy ambassadors will be available for adoption to prospective dog moms and dads after Valentine's day. The shelter recently showed off its Puppergramers on Facebook, writing, Love is in the air, it is everywhere you look at the shelter. Take one look into the eyes of our shelter dogs and you will see the love for a human/ family of their own, a home and a life full of adventure with you. Finding the right pet will be like Valentine's day every day for the rest of their life. They have so much love to give, it would be like finding a piece of your heart you didn't know you were missing


Sadly, only a limited number of Puppergrams can be purchased from the shelter for delivery on February 13 or February 14. And since the shelter cannot ship its pupsters all across the country, Puppergrams are only offered to those in the Bristol and Kingsport areas of Tennessee.


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