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Utah restaurant gets a $10000 tip from a group of friends as an 'extraordinary act of generosity'

A group of 20 friends has visited more than 20 restaurants so far and given a tip of $1000 each to eateries they found deserving.

Utah restaurant gets a $10000 tip from a group of friends as an 'extraordinary act of generosity'
Cover Image Source: YouTube | KSL News

In a heartwarming turn of events that left a lasting impact on both the staff and the owner, Alfonso Brito of the downtown Salt Lake Mexican restaurant Monarca received a surprise from a group of generous customers. The story shared with KSL TV sheds light on the extraordinary act of kindness that unfolded on a memorable evening at the local restaurant in Utah. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pixabay


Alfonso Brito recounted the evening when a regular customer arrived at his restaurant with approximately 20 friends. After an enjoyable dining experience, the group approached Brito with an unusual request. He recalled, "They were about to leave and they said, 'Alfonso, can you come? We want to thank you because we had a great time.' I said, 'of course'."

Gathering his staff, Brito joined the group by their table, where many of the customers had their phones ready to capture the surprise. What happened next left everyone awestruck. "He just pulled out of his pocket $10,000 in 100s," Brito said, still somewhat shocked by the unexpected turn of events. It was a moment that transcended mere monetary value, leaving Brito speechless.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | George Zografidis
Representative Image Source: Pexels | George Zografidis


The source of this remarkable generosity was Steven Harward, one of the individuals in the group. Harward shared with KSL TV that he and his friends had been on a mission to pay $1000 tip each to deserving restaurants. "We have done it a little over 20 times, I think is the number now," Harward said. Their mission was to spread goodwill and share the joy of giving with those who have served them. One specific request accompanied their substantial gift: the server who had attended to them that evening was to receive $2,000 of the tip. The remainder of the generous amount was split among the rest of the staff who had worked tirelessly that day, ensuring the group's dining experience was exceptional.

Nikisha Timms, another customer in the group, shared her perspective on the memorable evening. She described it as a life-changing experience, noting how deeply moved she was by the emotional impact of their generosity. "To see the tears coming down the waiter's face and how he was just full of gratitude, it was just so cool," Timms said.

For Alfonso Brito, the surprise $10,000 tip was not just a financial boost. It was an opportunity to recognize and appreciate his dedicated staff. Speaking to KSL TV, he expressed his gratitude for the exceptional team he had the privilege of working with. "We have an amazing team. We have great cooks. We have great service, so every person on our team is important," he affirmed. The unexpected gesture not only brightened their day but also underscored the importance of recognizing and valuing the efforts of the people who make businesses like Monarca thrive.



Brito aptly summed up the significance of the generous act, stating, "It makes this world really a good place, you know because we have these amazing people around who recognize my staff." The restaurant also posted about the incident on its Facebook page. The unexpected $10,000 tip received by Monarca, as shared with KSL TV, serves as a heartwarming example of the profound impact that generosity can have on both individuals and businesses. It highlights the importance of recognizing and appreciating the efforts of those who make dining experiences memorable.


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