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US soldier reminds conservative woman the military's job isn't to overthrow its own government

The woman called on all branches of the military to 'defend the country' by turning on the government.

US soldier reminds conservative woman the military's job isn't to overthrow its own government
Image source: TikTok/@nuggets_n_chicken

A US soldier handed out a constitutional lesson on TikTok after a conservative woman called on the military to overthrow the government. The soldier who goes by the name Lord Daddy Nugget (@nuggets_n_chicken) was responding to the video posted by a woman named Jodi. The woman had called on the military to 'defend the country.' "This is a message for our United States military," starts Jodi, before continuing, "The Air force, the Army, the Marines, the Navy, Coast guard, Space X..." At this point, Lord Daddy Nugget, who has been reportedly identified as Cindy Bronson, points out that Space X is actually not a government branch but a space program by Elon Musk. Jodi continues, "Everybody who would defend this f*cking country.. where are you?" Bronson, who's in uniform, replies, "I'm at work, defending this f*cking country." Bronson identifies as a lesbian and has more than 171K followers on TikTok.



Jodi continues that 'millions of gun owners' would start a "f*cking bloodbath" if the army doesn't rise up against the government. The video doesn't give away what specific incident she's talking about but it appears to be either about the insurrection, defending the right to use guns, or anti-vaxx campaigns. “Where are you military because if you are leaving it up to the American people you need to let us know because everybody’s on the edge of their seat,” said Jodi. “You got millions and millions of gun owners that are ready to walk out and just start a complete f*cking bloodbath…” she says dramatically. 



Jodi then points out that the military took an oath to defend the country from enemies that threaten it from the outside and the inside. Bronson interjects and said, "Understand that if active duty military actually gets deployed within the United States, that weapon is not just pointed at other people… other countries. It’s pointed at YOU. If you do not get into your house when I tell you to, YOU become the enemy. Martial law," she said. 

She then points out a recent incident where a woman in Tennessee drove her vehicle through a vaccination site run by the National Guard. “We did take that oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic,” the soldier reiterates. “You know, domestic. Like the woman who decided to drive her vehicle through a National Guard vaccination tent.” She pointed out that there were a lot of threats within the country as well. Bronson quotes the Insurrection Act, reminding Jodi that the law allows the president to deploy troops domestically to suppress insurrections. Bronson said that Jodi's words to "start a complete f*cking bloodbath" could be viewed as a terroristic threat. After the video went viral, Jodi made her TikTok account private. Bronson specified in the caption that her views do not reflect the US military.



Some even reported Jodi to the FBI. One user wrote, "Did she just...did she just say she is going to go out and start "a blood bath"???? uhhh hello FBI??" reported Comicsands. Another compared the firepower, writing, "I think it's hilarious that gun owners think they have a chance against a country that spends $700 billion a year on weapons." Few others called her out for citing SpaceX as a government branch, writing, "How's she gonna call out all the branches and forget about The Power Rangers, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Green Lanterns, The Justice League!!!!

The video on Bronson's TikTok appears to be taken down but the video has gone viral on other platforms. Bronson wrote on Twitter, "Wow so I was unaware I’m trending on Twitter thank you for all the love and support. Remember the video posted is informative of the insurrection act and not my opinion. My views are my own and I do not speak for the military or any other entity."

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