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UPS driver surprises boy in his route with a special delivery

When UPS driver Hector Velasco noticed that a boy in his delivery route was sad about being locked inside due to the pandemic, he decided to make the youngster's day with a surprise delivery.

UPS driver surprises boy in his route with a special delivery
Cover Image Source: Facebook/Brooke Walbuck

Langston Walbuck has a peculiar routine these days. Every day, the youngster goes out onto his balcony and waits for the UPS truck. Every day, he waits for a package as Hector Velasco drives through the route, delivering boxes to the houses in their lane. However, Langston has been upset due to being locked inside due to the pandemic. Noticing the boy's disappointment each day, Velasco decided to do a little something special for the youngster and put together a surprise for him that has touched the boy's parents' hearts.


"I came right up to your neighbors and he's like 'I want one too!' I felt like I couldn't do anything at the time, but I'm like you know what, let me see if I can try to brighten his day, you know what I mean," Velasco explained during an ABC7 interview. He left a note for Langston's parents Brooke and Sam Walbuck, informing them about his plan to surprise their son. "Hi, this is Hector, your UPS driver. [I've] seen your son plenty of times on the balcony and he seems very sad [that] he doesn't get any packages," the note read.




"I told him 'don't worry, maybe next time.' So, anyway, I've bought something and put it in a box. Just wanted to know his name so I can put it on the box," Velasco added, leaving his phone number on the note for the Walbucks to contact him. The next day, while Langston watched from the balcony as usual, the UPS driver drove up to the boy's house and brought him his own special package filled with toy race cars and candy. A video posted on Facebook by Langston's mom, Brooke, shows the youngster squealing with delight as he accepted the package from Velasco.


"It made me feel special," said Langston about his surprise delivery. Velasco explained to the Walbucks in a text that he was moved to do something special for their son because "the world didn't give my wife and I any boys. Gave us two beautiful girls. And I've had [these] cars in my collection but [you've got to] let them go some time and I felt like today was the day. [Your] son taught me a lesson that it's not only my kids going through this epidemic. Our kids are our world and the future."


"I know you guys [are] working just as hard as my wife and I to give them the best. Your UPS driver just wanted to show some love," he added. "You do your best to show them you're not alone, we're all here together," Velasco explained during the interview. Speaking of his sweet gesture for her son, Brooke said, "It's been a really meaningful, special message to many of our friends and family right now. So it means a lot." She also posted photos and videos of the heartwarming incident on Facebook, writing: Humanity is a pretty amazing thing. Our UPS driver, Hector, made a huge impact on our family today with a gesture we will never forget. Yesterday, we received a note from him and I’ll let these pictures tell the rest of the story...


"For him to be that busy and still be that thoughtful, it just says a lot, for him as a person and as a dad," said Langston's father Sam, of Velasco going out of his way to cheer up the young boy. The incredible story of his simple act of kindness has also touched many hearts on social media, with some commenting that they'd only seen instances like these in movies. This is absolutely amazing and so heartwarming! I really thought things like that only happen in movies! Thank you for sharing this, wrote Oksana Midgett. Finia Dinh commented: Love this!!! Omg, this is what the world needs more of! Bravo Hector!! This made me tear up!


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