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UPS driver explains why they are on strike demanding higher wages and many are in support

The driver explained that it was also about taking a stand for part-time workers who were paid very less compared to full-time employees.

UPS driver explains why they are on strike demanding higher wages and many are in support
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @juantrujillo027

A UPS driver explained why the huge package delivery company's employees are on strike and a section of the internet is on their side. Juan Trujillo explained how even though the employees of this company are paid more than the usual underpaid worker, they still deserve more and they are asking for it. After someone had said that drivers should not ask for more wage more than $42, their current wage. He said, “Yeah, $42 an hour is definitely not enough." “Even the company thinks so. That’s why we’re getting a raise.” He elaborated on how drivers get a raise each year of  $1.40 or $1.50 as they have a strong union. They are not on strike to get their raise as they will be receiving it but for the part-time UPS workers. 

Image Source: TikTok | @juantrujillo027
Image Source: TikTok | @juantrujillo027


“We’re going on strike because the part-timers are only making $16 an hour, and that’s unacceptable,” he continues. “And I will stand next to my part-time brothers and sisters and make sure they get theirs. And I’ll sacrifice two weeks of work if [I have to] because that’s what solidarity is.” UPS workers have demanded $25 per hour for part-time workers. They are asking for this raise as the part-time workers also put in many hours of work and even more hours in a day.



The higher authorities have refused to do it. This will lead to a strike after August 31, the time when the deadline to sign the contract comes to an end. Workers have also demanded an end to subcontracting which reduces the wages for everyone and the removal of the two-tier wage system and the hectic and tiring six-day workweeks. They have also asked for full-time work and removing monitoring through driver-facing cameras that look into each move of the driver. The executives have agreed on installing air conditioners in the trucks as the drivers were collapsing from the immense heat. Trujillo also emphasized the huge profit this company makes each year. “How the hell do you think we got to $42 anyways, by sitting back and accepting $35?” he asks. “No, we demanded what was ours, and that’s what we’re doing now.” “And it’s gonna go up every year, because their profits go up every year.”



People responded to this video and it has amassed thousands of likes and several comments. @vee wrote, "The disrespect people have for jobs they assume takes no work to appreciate you guys." @Shi commented, "I always love others who don't do ur work telling u what ur work is worth." @OnionSweet mentioned, "You deserve that raise, and I respect you SO much for the solidarity my man." @maew6687 wrote, "Thank you brother for standing with the part-timers." @nicolaskohler712 shared, "Been a part-timer at WorldPort for 8 years. Working out here in the elements isn’t always easy, some areas do hard, back and knee-breaking work." It is truly a tough job to work day and night and then not feel heard at your workplace but these employees are raising their voices and will hopefully get heard. 

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