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UPS driver dashes to rescue 4-year-old trapped under 97-pound package

When the boy wanted to help out his parents by bringing in the package, he didn't expect it to be more than twice as heavy as him.

UPS driver dashes to rescue 4-year-old trapped under 97-pound package
Cover Image Source: YouTube | @CBSChicago

Children have this weird affinity to do dangerous things. But every time parents are not around to help them out of such risky situations. The internet boasts of many wholesome stories where thoughtful strangers come to the rescue of reckless children. One such incident from 2021 made it to the headlines. When a 4-year-old boy, Max Pratt got stuck under a package that was delivered to his house, the UPS driver noticed him and quickly sprung into action, per CNN. The delivery person's considerate act would've gone unnoticed if it weren't for the Pratts's Ring camera.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock Project
Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock Project

One fine day in April 2021, UPS driver Marco Angel delivered a heavy package to the doorstep of the Pratts's house and was about to get back into his car for his next delivery. That was when he noticed little Max trapped under the package he just delivered. Max always loved helping his parents by bringing in the packages delivered to their home. But this time, his attempt to help them got him stuck under the package. Not realizing that it was a 97-pound package of a new hammock, Max tried to drag the box into the house. The package, weighing more than twice his weight, toppled right onto him.Though the boy struggled to push it away, he finally gave in to the heavy box and was lying trapped underneath it.


The poor little child was screaming for help and before his parents could respond, the UPS driver came to his rescue. Angel had almost gotten into his car and left. But hearing little Max's scream, he sprinted so fast and lifted up the package and rescued the then 4-year-old struggling underneath it. Max's mom Traci Pratt was upstairs in their home when she heard her son's scream. Before she could reach Max, Angel came to his rescue bolting across the busy street. "He (Angel) didn’t even look when he came back for traffic. He just heard him scream, ‘Help’ and booked it," the mom told the news channel. As per Max, he got a little "ouchie" from this incident.


Speaking to CBS Chicago about this, Angel said, "I pictured my boys in his situation, obviously, and you go into full parent mode, full dad mode." After offering his timely help, the UPS driver ensured that Max wasn't hurt and also brought the package inside the Pratts's home. Max's mom was so grateful for Angel, whom the little boy refers to as "Package Man", and hoped that UPS would give him a raise for his quick-witted help. In a video chat organized by the media channel, Max's parents got in touch with the delivery man and Traci said, "You are an angel."

As for Max, this incident taught him a good lesson about not going to the door alone. His parents spoke to him about not lifting such large packages without their help anymore. "Oh my gosh, he wants to do everything. Which is good. I’m all about independence, but safety too. It’s a balance," said Max's mom. After being almost crushed by the hammock, Max wasn't a big fan of it. "I told her not to get it. I’ve already fallen out of it three times," the 4-year-old said.


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