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Unidentified neighbor makes overwhelmed student's day with unexpected act of kindness

The stranger's heartwarming act touched the student as they were going through a tough time managing their heavy academic load.

Unidentified neighbor makes overwhelmed student's day with unexpected act of kindness
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay, Reddit | u/miichaelscotch

Some things that strangers do out of kindness can leave you in tears. A man, u/miichaelscotch, shared on Reddit that a stranger paid for his laundry and folded it when he was going through a difficult time in his life. The post is captioned, "A stranger paid for, dried and folded my laundry when I, completely overwhelmed with stress and anxiety from school accidentally fell asleep."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock Project
Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock Project

The man also attached a picture of some folded clothes. He gave some background in the comments section. He said that it was an unforgettable experience and happened in 2016. "I was in my last year of university, where I decided in my last semester that I would pick up another degree. I was taking 21 hours of classes, and most of them were intense and difficult. I seem to remember having meltdowns weekly, if not daily, from the 'how the f**k am I going to finish this all.'" On one such day, he had put his clothes for washing in his apartment complex washroom. He mentioned that there was just one washer and one dryer in the small complex with about 20 tenants. "So if you were one minute late to taking your clothes out, you would come back to find them on top of the machine in a soaking (or steaming) pile," the student wrote. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/michaelscotch
Image Source: Reddit | u/miichaelscotch

As his clothes were washing in the machine, he was sitting in his apartment working on a project and didn't realize when he fell asleep. He slept for hours and by the time he woke up, he was sure that he would find his clothes in a "soppy heap" but that's not what happened. Instead, when he went to find his laundry, it was dried and folded in a neat pile on top of a dryer. "These are quarter-slot machines so this neighbor went out of his way and also paid $1.25." The student expressed, "No one would have faulted them for leaving the laundry atop the machine, but instead they took the time to go above and beyond." He said that he has never forgotten this. The man concluded, "I never found out who it was, but it made me like all of my neighbors a little bit more."

Image Source: Reddit | u/DeadpoolOptimus
Image Source: Reddit | u/DeadpoolOptimus

Later in the comments, he added that he left $1.25 on top of the machine trying to repay the stranger but they didn't take it. People loved the gesture that the stranger made for the student. u/beautifulcindy commented, "What a kind act! It's really admirable that someone took the time and effort to help you with your laundry when you were so overwhelmed." u/sunny_sammie wrote, "What a nice stranger! I’m so glad you got that little bit of help when you were struggling a bit. Helps put things into perspective."

Image Source: Reddit | u/DoINeedToBeClever247
Image Source: Reddit | u/DoINeedToBeClever247

u/kevinator shared, "Something similar happened to me in college. I was having breakdowns weekly from stressing myself out so much thinking my career depended on my grades. I was also running out of money and didn’t know how I would afford the $50 of paper for a final project. I was at a paper warehouse looking for specific paper and they had an old stack that they gave me for free. I got back to my car and just sobbed and sobbed at the kindness." u/antisocialgx said, "I've had this happen to me, and done the same for others in return. Feels good to know good people still exist, and while none of us will change the world, we can make our little corners of it brighter."

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