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This unexpected friendship between a woman and a pigeon is straight out of a Disney movie

'So I'm in the bar with my pals when this pigeon decided to perch on my lap,' the NHS worker explains in a viral video.

This unexpected friendship between a woman and a pigeon is straight out of a Disney movie
Cover Image Source: TikTok /realvintagedollshouse

A video detailing how a young pigeon "adopted" a stranger at a British bar has accumulated more than 27 million views. "So I'm in the bar with my pals when this pigeon decided to perch on my lap," the woman, who goes by the username @realvintagedollshouse on TikTok, explains in the video as the pigeon rests on her knee. "I found out from the staff that he'd wandered into the pub and people were kicking him." 

Hannah Hall—an NHS worker from Nottingham, according to BBC—added that she was informed by local students that they had brought the pigeon to the pub she was at after it walked into another pub up the road and appeared "disoriented." 

"I knew I couldn't leave him so I bought him home," Hall says in the video, as the camera cuts to her carrying the pigeon home on her shoulder. "He was so worn out that he once even fell asleep on me." The film, which included a montage of the pigeon's growth over the following days, showed the "tame" bird progressing favorably, despite Hall's initial concern that it wouldn't survive the night.  She concluded the video by requesting viewers' assistance on whether she could keep the pigeon, send it to a sanctuary or release it back into the wild.

Hall believes the pigeon wanted to be cared for by someone that day because experts have found that pigeons are tame animals that do turn to people for assistance when they feel they are in difficulty. Hall wasn't sure her new companion would survive the night after she brought the bird home, but each day it seemed to become stronger and healthier. The bird was captured on camera the next morning in a little carrier in the shed looking a lot better. On day two, it appeared calm, more mobile, and self-assured. The bird and Hall became closer over time with the little one even sitting on its human friend's shoulder and responding to her calls by flying over. A commenter remarked that the video feels like "the start of a Disney movie."


As per Nottingham Post, the pigeon has since opted to remain at Hall's side and stay at the house despite being given the chance to leave and being allowed out into the garden. She added: "We have really, really bonded. I'm going to take him to my vet to find out for sure if he is a boy or a girl and to get his injuries checked over. I feel a big responsibility now." Hall apparently volunteered to sit closer to the pigeon after it first lingered near her friend, who suffers from a fear of birds. The bird began to get closer and closer, finally landing on her and remaining there for hours.


She said: "I wasn't even going to go out but my mum said 'go on, go and see your friends'. I didn't really notice him at first. I told my friend that she could swap with me, so we swapped places. He just comes on my knee all of a sudden and he stayed there for about three and a half hours. In the end, he was almost tucking himself into my jacket." She made the decision to record what happened and shared a video on social media about it, which has received millions of views since then.

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