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Uber driver makes a Christmas miracle happen for a teenager by returning him his precious gift

Uber driver was shocked to see a huge amount of money in the back seat of his car and decided to return it to its owner.

Uber driver makes a Christmas miracle happen for a teenager by returning him his precious gift
Cover Image Source: YouTube | WVTM 13 News

Christmas is the holiday of giving and increasing goodwill. People exchange gifts amongst themselves to deepen their relationship. In a recent incident, an Uber driver forged a new bond by returning a valuable gift to his passenger in the spirit of Christmas, as reported by WVTM 13. Esbon Kamau, in his wildest dreams, did not think that he would find a whopping amount of $8,000 in the back seat of his cab. As a father of five, this money would have done wonders for him and his family, but knowing the importance of it, he decided to return it to its owner.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Airam Dato-on
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Airam Dato-on

Kamau has been working as an Uber driver on and off for the last four years. On that fateful day, he picked up 16-year-old Alex Tisdale from Hoover. As commonly happens, both of them struck up a conversation during the ride. The teenager told him how he recently received a gift from his father on Christmas. "He told me how his dad is proud of him and how he's also very proud of him. And he said something which makes me feel very good," Kamau said. The father had given him $8,000 to fulfill one of his dearest wishes and buy a motorcycle.


In 15 minutes, they reached their destination of John Hawkins Parkway and parted ways. Soon, the driver made the discovery. "I realized there's something at the back of my seat. And I picked it up immediately. And when I checked, I saw this a lot of money, quite a lot, to be honest," Kamau said. Immediately, he decided to follow the protocols. At first, he reported to Uber about the cash in his car. On the other side, Tisdale was frantically trying to find the missing cash. He was retracing his steps to locate the red bag where he had kept the money. 

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"I was pacing around the parking lot just thinking, where? Where could I put it? Where would it be?" Tisdale recounted. Soon, he realized that he must have left it on his ride. Not knowing how to connect with Kamau, he also notified Uber. Uber then connected both of them. After confirming with each other, Kamau rode to Tisdale and gave the money to him. The teenager was extremely grateful for Kamau's kindness. He understands that no one else would have done this for him. "I was relieved and so surprised he actually came back because that was a very, very nice thing of him to do. Actually, tipped him $10 for that," Tisdale said.

Tisdale will never forget this trip. Not only did he learn a valuable lesson, but he also earned a relationship for life. "Just be grateful for what you have. That's all I can say," Tisdale said. On the other hand, Kamau encouraged people to do more good in life. He asks Uber drivers to do the right thing at the right time and not let selfishness overpower their souls. "When you do something good, OK, it comes back 10 times," Kamau said.


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