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Two women are making statues around town wear winter clothes for a heartwarming reason

Beanies and scarves keep appearing and disappearing from the statues places in Mesa, Arizona and it marks the residue of the kind act extended by two women.

Two women are making statues around town wear winter clothes for a heartwarming reason
Cover Image Source: YouTube | 12 News

Winters are probably the harshest times of the year when every living being searches for some warmth. Whether rich or poor, everyone tries to find a shelter to escape the chill and get appropriate clothing that can keep their bodies warm. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to get a comfortable shelter or warm clothes to survive the winter months. People like Sharie Monsam and her niece Kendra Cook, are extending their helping hand to the less fortunate by doing a small deed each year, which turns out to be a big blessing for many strangers.


The aunt and niece duo from Mesa, Arizona, are doing what they can to ensure their act of kindness might help keep someone warm out there, per NBC Affiliate 12 News. Monsam and Cook have been leaving behind beanie hats and scarves on statues all around the downtown area of Mesa. Anyone who truly needs them can take them off the statues for themselves without any worries and keep themselves warm to an extent if they can't afford these clothing items.

"If you're cold, take one," Monsam said. "This is the fourth winter that we have collected hats and scarves from family, friends and neighbors. And also, we purchased them at thrift stores. And then we put them on the statues downtown, probably 15 to 18 statues." Their effort is getting paid off because they always find the beanies and scarves disappearing from the statues after they are placed there.


Monsam hopes others will come forward and follow in their footsteps to help the poorer section of society. "I hope more people do it. Even if they don't go to a church, a lot of churches collect clothing for the homeless and food they can donate or donate their time down to the food kitchens as well," Monsam said. "We all can make a difference. Every single person would make a difference. Find something that you can do to help other people. I think that's what we're here on earth for."


Proving that kindness always comes for free is another little girl who invests her allowance to feed hot dumplings to manual workers during winter. A girl from the Henan province in China has been celebrating her winter Solstice Festival with manual workers and serving them dumplings for free to make the occasion extra special for them. 14-year-old Sun Menglu has been extending her helping hand to these manual workers for the past 6 years. Saving up her pocket money, she makes dumplings for these workers who often miss out on the festivities due to their hectic work obligations, per South China Morning Post.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cats Coming
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cats Coming

The Winter Solstice festival is also known as Dongzhi Festival and it is a big annual event in China and some other parts of Asia which happens between December 21 and 23 of every year. Sun made about 40kgs of dumplings in a video, which went viral with more than 16 million views on the Chinese social media platform Weibo. "These grandpas and grandmas insist on cleaning the street no matter how bad the weather is. They work so hard! So I want to send them dumplings," she said per the outlet.

She boiled the dumplings in a large pot on the street outside her father's noodle restaurant. Several street cleaners in bright orange uniforms stood in a queue in front of the steaming pot, waiting for their free dumplings. Sun served them the dumplings and wished them "Happy Winter Solstice!" "Everyone can eat as many as they want until they are full," she added. The street cleaners and other workers were thankful for the free meals. "It's so delicious," said one worker.

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