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Two sisters threw an adorable same-sex marriage for their Barbies and we're totally here for it

Isabelle, 7, and Amelie, 5, were just replicating the loving, accepting world they saw around them when they threw their two Barbie dolls a same-sex wedding.

Two sisters threw an adorable same-sex marriage for their Barbies and we're totally here for it
Image Source: Danielle Shoffman / Facebook

London-based Danielle Shoffman's daughters Isabelle, 7, and Amelie, 5, are going viral on the internet after they threw perhaps the perfect (and most progressive!) wedding for their Barbie dolls. The internet went wild when photos of their Barbie doll same-sex marriage were uploaded online. The dolls were decked out in gorgeous white wedding gowns and, to make things just that much more awesome, Ginger Spice (that is, the iconic Geri Halliwell) was officiating the marriage. In an interview with CafeMom, the proud mother revealed that the marriage wasn't exactly special in their household⁠—to her daughters, the wedding was "perfectly normal."


Amelie started the whole affair by playing "wedding" with her dolls late last month. Her big sister Isabelle obviously wanted in on all the wedding planning fun, so she decided to jump in and help. From fantastic hair and makeup styling to a huge wedding party, the marriage was a huge success. It was all caught on camera by official wedding photographer mom Danielle. According to the mother, the wedding was supposed to bring the family together after some sad news. "We had actually had some sad news in the family that my grandad was very ill," she explained. "My daughter did it to cheer us all up." That's probably the sweetest thing ever.



Actually, not as sweet as Danielle's take on how normal same-sex relationships are in the Shoffman family. She said, "They live in a very diverse family from an LGBTQ+ perspective with two grandmas on one side, lots of mine and my husband's cousins are in same-sex relationships, and they attended my brother's wedding to his husband. [My daughters] just replicating what they see in the world by having two brides." If only everyone lived in the accepting and inclusive world that Isabelle and Amelie live in. To share the joy with everyone she could, the mom uploaded the photos of the wedding to her Instagram profile. She wrote in the caption, "I just love seeing how their understanding of the world is reflected in their play and that they know that at the end of the day love is love."



As you would assume, everyone was totally here for it. "The response was amazing," Danielle stated. "I posted to the family Facebook group and have thousands of reactions and positive comments... I hope they see that children naturally see that love is love and homophobia is taught or comes from society. [The responses we got] really gave me hope that the world is changing and becoming more accepting of diverse types of relationships and families." So parents, it's never too early to address non-heterosexual relationships with your children. After all, love is love.


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