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Two men went from grocery store strangers to 'friends for life' after a touching encounter of kindness

Boudreaux's bank card was declined while buying groceries due to insufficient funds and Jones paid for his purchases, starting a friendship for life.

Two men went from grocery store strangers to 'friends for life' after a touching encounter of kindness
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Jason James Boudreaux

Jason James Boudreaux, a resident of Lafayette, Louisiana, was purchasing seafood and drinks at a grocery store in St. Martinville for a family dinner when he was informed that his bank card had been declined due to insufficient funds. Boudreaux, who had deposited his paycheck earlier that day, realized that the funds hadn't yet been posted to his account, per The Washington Post.

The total cost of his items was just over $30 and he considered returning to the store later that day. However, a stranger named Kevin Jones, whom Boudreaux had been conversing with in the checkout line, offered to pay for his purchases. Boudreaux was hesitant to accept the offer, but Jones insisted, saying, "I got you." When Boudreaux offered to repay Jones, he declined, saying "No, you don't have to." 


Boudreaux was so touched by Jones's kindness that he asked him to pose for a selfie with him in the grocery store. He wanted Jones to be recognized for helping him. Boudreaux then posted the photo on his Facebook page when he got home and asked if anyone recognized Jones so that he could reach out to him. A friend recognized Jones and gave his phone number to Boudreaux. He decided to invite Jones to a meal at his place, in celebration of what he calls "Family Day," where he cooks up seafood and invites friends and family. Jones accepted the invitation and arranged a babysitter for his three young daughters.


During their visit to a buffet on February 26th, Kevin's wife, Marissa Jones, informed Boudreaux's wife, Erica Boudreaux, that it was Kevin's 28th birthday. Boudreaux explained, "It turned out we had a lot to celebrate," so they quickly organized a celebration. Boudreaux then took a jelly doughnut from the kitchen, added a candle and presented it to Jones while everyone sang "Happy Birthday." “Everything aligned for Kevin to be there at that moment. We became instant friends," Boudreaux said. Jones said he was happy to spend his birthday with the man he had helped out in the grocery store, and the local media picked up on the story. The two men bonded over their shared Cajun heritage, with Boudreaux cracking jokes and dancing with Jones at his birthday party.

“I’ve had my card declined and had to return groceries. I didn’t want him to have to go through that,” Jones said, explaining his decision to help out Boudreaux. Jones drives a concrete truck for a living and said he has always tried to look out for anyone in need. “My mom taught me that. My attitude is, ‘If I’ve got it, you’ve got it.’ I’m happy to help.”

Boudreaux, a former detective and patrol sergeant who now works for a funeral home, was touched by Jones's kindness. “When he said, ‘I got you,’ I felt embarrassed and blessed at the same time. He’s an incredible young gentleman.” Despite living 20 miles apart, the two men have remained close and plan to go fishing together soon. “Kevin is my brother now. We’re friends for life," Boudreaux said.

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