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Two men helped free a sea turtle stuck in a fishing net and released him back into the ocean

When they saw a sea turtle struggling to swim due to a net entwined in his fin, the two friends sprung into action.

Two men helped free a sea turtle stuck in a fishing net and released him back into the ocean
Image Source: Nick Fry/Instagram

It is not uncommon knowledge that the water bodies of our planet are littered with plastic and hazardous waste. It poses an environmental threat to the whole ecosystem and habitat loss for water animals. Marine creatures have to swim through tonnes of trash and plastic, which proves to be deadly and dangerous. Sea Turtles are one of the most affected species as according to researchers 52% of these animals have eaten plastic, failing to differentiate between food and PVC. Moreover, they also get entangled in plastic fishing nets leading to death by drowning and inability to escape predators. 



Nick Fry, an Australian explorer, recently released a video in which he and several of his buddies assisted in releasing a sea turtle from a twisted crab pot net that had wrapped around one of its fins. Fry was sailing with a handful of other individuals on a boat when they noticed the turtle trying to swim in the sea. The 22-year-old rushed in right away, accompanied by one of his pals, to examine the situation, reports My Modern Met

They immediately discovered that the turtle was unable to continue swimming due to a net that had been entangled around its fin. It also appears that the net was clogged with garbage from the water. The second man slowly undid the net from around the turtle's fin as Fry held the turtle in his arms. They were eventually able to totally remove the animal from the plastic and let it continue to swim again.  Fry and his friends retrieved the harmful net and took it away.



They advised people not to throw away trash in the ocean waters, especially harmful nets and strings that can easily pose a threat to sea animals. Their video went viral on Instagram gathering almost 9,000 likes and 93k views. Several users thanked them for taking care of this turtle. One user commented, "This made me so happy my heart smiled!" Another commented, "Aww this made my day! Y’all are so awesome for helping the turtle out!" 



Fry also has gone on several rescue missions to save stranded sea animals. In another video posted on YouTube, he can be seen rescuing a turtle stuck on its back on the beach. He flipped the turtle and pushed it back into the sea, giving it another chance at life. Fry was extremely happy to help him and even let out a scream of joy after the turtle swam away in the ocean. He wrote in the description that female turtles often seek refuge in the sand to escape male turtles during the mating season. He added, " Male turtles can't walk on sand properly, so very rarely a male can stay attached to the female and come up on the sand. When this happens, they sometimes fall off and land upside down on the beach."

He said that it puts the into a "hopeless" situation and causes very slow death. "Thankfully, I was able to find and flip this turtle back around and help it live another day," he added. This video gathered almost 160 million views on Youtube. 

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