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Two men applauded for saving an owl that was lost at sea: 'Good job'

Towards the end, the owl is seen standing on the man's fingers and ready to take off. The man says, 'Go' and it flies off.

Two men applauded for saving an owl that was lost at sea: 'Good job'
Cover Image Source: Reddit/u/axlnotfound

It is beautiful to watch people rescue animals when they are in trouble. Moreover, the love and care they provide to the animals in those moments are adorable. Similarly, two friends saved an owl that seemed to be lost in the sea and their reaction to it was epic. The video was posted on Reddit by u/axlnotfound. The text overlay reads, "My brother and his friend saved an owl." The owl can be seen sitting on a rod attached to the boat while it is sailing. "Homeboy is lost, 20+ plus miles out," reads the caption in the video. In the next clip, the owl can be seen wrapped in a white cloth and held by a man. He says, "The boy is lost." He then tells his friend, "Let's take him" and he agrees to it.

Image Source: Reddit/u/axlnotfound
Image Source: Reddit/u/axlnotfound


After a while, the owl is seen calmly sitting while the man is holding it and the text overlay reads, "Almost home, buddy." Towards the end, the owl is standing on the man's fingers and is ready to take off. The man says, "Go" and it flies off. The caption reads, "Bye buddy." They can be heard cheering for the bird and shouting, "Free bird," as it flies away. However, the best part of the video is the way the man holds the owl while it is sailing with them. The owl seemed cozy and comfortable.

Image Source: Reddit/u/axlnotfound
Image Source: Reddit/u/axlnotfound


The video has garnered over 51 thousand views on Reddit. It is captioned, "Two men save an owl." People in the comments section loved the way they rescued the owl. u/Due_Resolution2761 commented, "Man, the way he was all snuggled in. So cute." u/Freebird_1957 wrote, "I wanna know how the owl went from the balancing act to being snug in a towel. Good job, guys." u/princess_kittah said, "This owl knew he was being saved, otherwise he wouldn't have been such an adorably calm burrito." u/thedudesmonks shared, "I absolutely adore this kind of thing, you know maybe we all just need to stop and help more often whether it's animals or people. Do you know how good it feels to help? Really good."

Image Source: Reddit/u/u/Ryancyte
Image Source: Reddit/u/Ryancyte


Recently, a group of scuba divers in Papua New Guinea rescued five whale sharks caught in fishing nets. Emil Rued, one of the divers, posted an Instagram video of how they rescued the whales. The three of them could be seen pulling the fishing net out from the top of the whales, one by one. First, they protected the first whale caught in the fishing net and then moved to the next one. It doesn't seem like an easy task, however, they were determined to get the whales out. 

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Rued captioned the post, "Whoever has exposed these nets is my belief as yet that the goal has not been to catch whale sharks. 5 whale sharks were wrapped tightly in the net with no possibility of escaping. We went back and picked up our diving gear. We also managed to get diving knives, which we kept out of sight of the local fishermen (translated using Google Translate)." Moreover, he added that they were in a hurry to rescue the whales as the creature could get suffocated and die in the nets. People appreciated the divers for putting in so much effort to save them.

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