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Two adorable pups comfort each other after owner dies in tragic hiking accident

Kris Busching was hiking with his pit bulls when he fell into a canyon and passed away. Now, the doggo duo only has each other to lean on.

Two adorable pups comfort each other after owner dies in tragic hiking accident
Image Source: mrbonesandco/Instagram

When I adopted my cat, at a time when I was deeply depressed, I thought about how he was the reason I wanted to stay alive almost every day. I imagined what would happen to him if I were to simply be gone one day. Who would fill his food bowl? Who would he play with? Who would he snuggle up with on cold mornings? Sadly, two adorable pups had to answer these questions recently. After their owner died in a tragic accident, they realized they only had each other to lean on. In a video, an animal medical center captured the bittersweet moment they comforted each other after their parent's death, PEOPLE Magazine reports.



The folks at Mr. Bones & Co., animal welfare nonprofit founded in 2012, stepped in to help when pit bulls Tonka and Little P lost their owner to a hiking accident. Their owner, Kris Busching, was out on a hike in Colorado with his two pups and friend Mark when they found themselves lost. In an attempt to get fresh water, Mark, Kris, and the two dogs descended into a canyon. Unfortunately, they all tumbled to the bottom of the canyon. Though Kris tried to push his dogs up to safety just as he lost his footing, they all fell. Kris, a talented tattoo artist, died upon impact while Tonka and Little P were injured. The loyal pit bulls stayed beside their owner's body until help finally arrived. They were able to rescue Mark and the doggo duo.



This is when Mr. Bones & Co stepped in to help the poor pups, who had just lost their loving dad. While at the emergency vet, the canine brothers "who lost their world suddenly" comforted each other in the most adorable way. In a video captured by the staff at the nonprofit, one of the pups is seen stretching on his hind legs to reach his brother who lays down on a hospital table. The nonprofit, posting the video to Instagram, wrote, "The level of loyalty and love that radiated from these two as big brother Tonka was admitted to our emergency animal hospital so that his leg could be saved needs no further caption. His bond with Little P is forever."



While Tonka needed emergency surgery for a broken leg, Little P needed x-rays of his jaw. As Kris' family is currently "overwhelmed with funeral expenses and unable to afford" the costs of the expensive procedures, Mr. Bones & Co launched a GoFundMe campaign in order to raise funds for the dogs' medical expenses. As of early morning on Tuesday, the nonprofit had raised a total of $22,592 though their initial goal was only $12,000. Thankfully, Little P does not need surgery. He has been placed in a foster home. In the meantime, Tonka is healing from surgery and should be discharged by Saturday. The nonprofit is looking for a loving home for both pups so they don't need to be separated. Kris’ brother Dave stated, "We are all devastated, and really can’t describe the void and pain that we all feel... We loved him unconditionally. Nothing, no one prepares you for something like this." Perhaps this could not be more true for anyone else other than doggy duo Tonka and Little P.



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