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Twins almost ordered snacks worth $800 using mom's grocery delivery app. Instacart gifted them the snacks

The list consisted of packages of Lunchables and Korean-style dumplings, Oreo ice cream sandwiches, Tyson Any’tizers and beverages.

Twins almost ordered snacks worth $800 using mom's grocery delivery app. Instacart gifted them the snacks
Cover Image Source: Twitter / @JAMAiwuyor

If you let your kids shop in a grocery store, you can say goodbye to your bank balance. They will buy everything. Mostly snacks and more snacks. Jessica Aiwuyor, also known as (@JAMAiwuyor), on Twitter shared a similar experience involving her twin daughters and a grocery delivery app that almost put momma in shock. "My six-year-old twins almost purchased close to $800 worth of snacks using my Instacart app," wrote Aiwuyor in a tweet that has since gone viral, with over 4.9 million views and 74K likes. According to TODAY, the list consisted of four packages of Lunchables and Korean-style dumplings, Oreo ice cream sandwiches, Tyson Any'tizers, apple juice, Kool-Aid Bursts, and a gallon of Turkey Hill lemonade.

Efosa and Esosa, her daughters, purchased 35 boxes of Capri Sun Fruit Punch, which cost more than $300. Not only that but among the 28 bags of chips were Lay's Barbeque, Lay's Sour Cream, Doritos and Smartfood Popcorn. The subtotal was $757.57. To let everyone know the surprise she felt upon seeing the list, she posted a picture of "Living Single's" Maxine with the words "Proud Freeloader." But, they could not figure out the last few steps to confirm the order. "They almost completed the purchase but couldn't figure out the last few steps," said Aiwuyor. “I serve a living God!” The most admirable aspect of this tweet was Instacart's comment to Aiwuyor. “Let’s make this wishlist a reality. Check your DM’s!” read the tweet.






Christmas came a little too early this year and Instacart delivered all the goods to the Aiwuyor twins by 3 p.m. “Y’all!!!!! @Instacart sent their ‘order,’” Aiwuyor tweeted, along with a picture of the girls, smiling with joy while holding a big package of Capri Suns. They sent two of almost everything and healthier snacks like carrots and bananas to make it more mom-friendly. “They have done this with my Target app before, loaded it up and it would be Sour Patch Kids and stuff,” Aiwuyor tells TODAY. “They would tell me, ‘Mommy, we ordered some stuff from Target’ and then seeing, ‘Oh gosh, they made a wish list in this cart.’ I’m glad they didn’t know how to complete the purchase.”



The girls don't have a secret mode of communication, but instead, "they make their own agreements, they’ll have sister pacts," said Aiwuyor. "The other day, they were arguing about something and I said, ‘You’re sisters,’ and Esosa said, ‘We’re not just sisters, we’re partners.’ Now partners in what is the question.” Children frequently use their parents' credit cards to successfully buy various products through clever antics, but the mother-of-three children said that her kids were ecstatic to get their dream food haul. “They were dancing, screaming, and happy, just bouncing all over the place,” Aiwuyor says.

“They were very thankful. But I told them, ‘Never again, you cannot do this again. Not every company is going to respond this way, and they will be expecting mommy and daddy to pay for whatever it is your order. So do not do this again,’” she added. Aiwuyor was overwhelmed with the responses she got from the tweet, noting that she was happy that parents of twins shared similar experiences. “I think it’s funny. Twin parents can sympathize. I also have a 4-month-old son so it’s a lot going on,” Aiwuyor says. “Even without multiples, children are a handful,” she adds. “But when it’s twins and they start doing their own thing, having their side conversations and making their plans, it’s like nothing can stop ‘em,” she adds. “When you have twins, you’re in for a wild ride. You really are.”

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