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TV anchor parents narrate baby's diaper changes like a news segment and it's hilarious

Jeannette Reyes and Robert Burton share a 7-week-old baby and are both professional TV newscasters.

TV anchor parents narrate baby's diaper changes like a news segment and it's hilarious
Cover image source: Twitter/Fox5DCJeannette

A TV-newscaster couple turned their baby's day into a news segment and it's cracking us all up. Jeannette Reyes and Robert Burton lit up Twitter with the hilarious segment that documented the baby's sleep, the weather, diaper changes and more on "Baby News Network." The tweet went viral garnering more than 457,000 likes and 74,000 shares. Reyes tweeted the video with the caption: "When both of your parents are newscasters." The video starts with Reyes, an anchor with Fox 5, lifting Bella up from her crib and adopting her professional TV voice. “Good morning, Bella! It’s 9:52. Hopefully you slept well. Certainly no one else did, but we’re not going to point any fingers. Let’s send it over to Robert Burton for more on your weather,” she says. The video features broadcast music and transitions as well.



Burton, an anchor with ABC 7 News, gives a weather update from the outdoors. "JR, it's a beautiful day outside, as you can see temps in the mid-80s," he starts before adding, “Will we get to enjoy it? Well, if spit-ups, feedings and diaper changes don’t get in the way, we just might be able to make it out of here before midnight.” The couple work in Washington, D.C. Burton then switches back over to his wife, who has news to share.



"Breaking news,” starts Reyes. “An explosion at the diaper station. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported, and authorities tell us they do have a suspect in custody,” says Reyes as the camera pans to the crib, showing their 7-week-old baby Bella. Reyes then continues, "Unfortunately, that suspect is not speaking at the moment, but they have linked her to hundreds of other explosions." Burton interjects in a serious voice, "Is she considered a flight risk?" Reyes switches out of her professional voice and says, "No, look at her." The camera pans to show an adorable Bella calmly sucking on her pacifier.



The video ends with Reyes half-singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” to Bella in her serious newscaster tone. The video cuts to Burton who says, “Well, that’s all the time we have, folks. Thanks for watching the Baby News Network. This is BNN.” People couldn't get enough of the video and lauded the couple for the hilarious segment. One user quipped that she would "tune in daily for this content.” 



The couple regularly posts content using their professional voices and went viral in 2020 when they used it to decide what they should have for dinner. "Everybody loved that and it's specifically because of the code-switching, going from news anchor voice to how we actually speak to each other at home," said Burton, reported Good Morning America. Reyes said those who followed her were eager to see the baby involved in the content as well. "When Bella was born, people were asking, 'Oh my gosh, are you going to do the anchor voice with her?' We kept on putting it off and then a couple of days ago, we were juggling a bunch of things—I'm feeding her, he's cleaning—and we're writing the script as we're doing all of that," said Reyes. Burton credits Reyes for putting the videos together. "All the videos you see us do, she edits them and it's like it's magic," said Burton, who describes his wife as a "creative genius." Reyes plays down the praise and says, "He just lends his talent and then I put it together and I show it to him for approval." 

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