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MAGA supporters attempt a 'coup,' storm Capitol Hill as Donald Trump incites violence

Trump supporters chanted "Donald Trump won the election" as they went about rampaging Capitol Hill.

MAGA supporters attempt a 'coup,' storm Capitol Hill as Donald Trump incites violence
WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 06: Pro-Trump supporters storm the U.S. Capitol following a rally with President Donald Trump on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

Editor's note: This is a developing story and some of the facts mentioned may be updated based on the latest developments.

The US Capitol Hill is under lockdown as hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the building and attempted a coup. It is reported that at least one person was shot inside Capitol Hill. It is estimated at least 100 people are inside the chamber. Trump supporters had gathered in hundreds outside Capitol Hill while Congress was in session to count and certify the Electoral College votes for president and vice president. Guns were drawn inside the chamber with lawmakers' lives at risk. One supporter was pictured standing on the dais of the chamber and shouted, "Donald Trump won the election." Multiple members of Congress tweeted about having to seek refuge in their offices as Trump supporters breached the building with cops standing between the chamber and protesters in the hall. Despite the gravity of the situation, Donald Trump continued to incite violence on Twitter, writing, "USA demands the truth!" Many Trump supporters came armed with confederate flags with some trying to raise a huge cross in front of the Capitol. Trump did eventually tweet calling for peace but I doubt those storming Capitol Hill chanting "Kill, Kill" were checking their phones for updates from their megalomaniac leader.




What was not at all surprising to see was the refusal of police officers to draw their weapons or use tear gas on those storming Capitol Hill as they had on Black Lives Matter protesters last year. It further highlighted that there are separate rules for a White man in America and the rest. Lawmakers were gas masks on the House floor to protect them, reported CNN. "Rules Committee Chair McGovern is telling members there is tear gas in the rotunda and Grabbing mask under seats and be prepared to put on. Everyone is freaking out. Members are all holding the gas masks," said the pool reporter. Everyone including lawmakers in the Chamber has been told to move to the cloakroom. The Blue Lives Matters seemed nothing more than a facade for the Trump supporters as they attacked police officers guarding Capitol Hill, even injuring a few in the process. 




This coup attempt isn't on Trump alone but all the Republicans who entertained his delusions, not just over the last few months but four years. Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger said the riots were fueled by conspiracy theories. "When you don't tell people the truth, you end up getting people to believe the conspiracies and the false proof, and you get Capitol storms like the one today. This is absolutely, utterly despicable, and every single Republican leader has got to call this out forcefully and be held accountable," Kinzinger told CNN. "Anywhere else around the globe, we would call this a coup attempt. I think that's what this is," he added.




Charles Ramsey, former DC police chief placed blame on Donald Trump's doorstep for the breach at US Capitol. Ramsey said the breach by Pro-Trump protesters "as close to a coup attempt as this country has ever seen." Ramsey had strong words for Trump. "I mean, the guy is — he's like a cancer, you know. He stirred them up and got the whole thing going. This is as close to a coup attempt as this country has ever seen," said Ramsey, before adding, "That's what you're looking at, folks, that's what you're looking at and it's absolutely ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous, and a lot of people are responsible for this." 




After more than an hour of uncertainty, the National Guard is being deployed in Washington. Virginia’s governor also dispatched members of the Virginia Guard and 200 Virginia State Troopers.

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