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Trump said he'd deem anti-fa a terrorist organization and Twitter CAME FOR HIM

The United States President thought anti-fa was an actual hate group, with like a CEO and everything. So obviously, Twitter had to clap back.

Trump said he'd deem anti-fa a terrorist organization and Twitter CAME FOR HIM
Image Source: (Top) President Trump Returns To The White House. WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 30. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images) (Bottom) Stonekettle / Twitter

As a response to the ongoing demonstrations in protest of George Floyd's murder by a white police officer from the Minneapolis Police Department, United States President Donald Trump had to find someone to throw under the bus for the systemic racism he inherited and then bolstered when he entered the White House. Instead of holding the police department and other institutions accountable, he claimed that the protests had turned violent as a result of anti-fascist elements. Taking to Twitter, he vowed to deem "ANTIFA" a terrorist organization. He affirmed, "The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization."

Had the President paid attention in school, he would know that "ANTIFA" isn't an organization at all and should never be spelled out in all-caps anyway. The term "anti-fa" is used to refer to any anti-fascist persons across the world. There is no real anti-fascist "organization" per se, with a President or the like. It first originated in Nazi Germany as a way for rebels to identify each other. You know what is an organization, though? The KKK. However, Trump has had little to say about the white supremacist group and their strengthening over the past four years. In light of the President's ridiculous tweet, many decided to throw a little humor and some "oh, snap!" into the mix. We could use some of that right now, after all. Responding to his tweet, many mocked him for his ignorance. These are some of the absolute best replies.

1. A better CEO than Trump ever was



2. We always knew...



3. This is the year from hell



4. History 101



5. And Trump is the "CEO"



6. Tit for tat



7. We dare you



8. If only we had "white-tinted" glasses



9. Imagine thinking anti-fa is an actual organization



10. All hail Photoshop king!



11. Cool story, bro



12. Acronyms are lovely



13. The US government does a lot of things despite not having legal authority...



14. Oh no!



15. It's about context



16. Fascinating, indeed



17. The Holy Trinity


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