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Trump plans to skip the general election debates in 2020. Yes, he's that cocky!

Perhaps suffering from post-2016 election trauma, President Trump is hesitant to participate in any general election debates in the upcoming year.

Trump plans to skip the general election debates in 2020. Yes, he's that cocky!

POTUS Donald Trump has been having some heated conversations with his campaign advisers - yes, the few of them who are still left - and it appears that he doesn't intend to participate in the general election debates in 2020. What does he cite as his reason to do so, you ask? He doesn't trust the allegedly corrupt Commission on Presidential Debates, The New York Times reports. This commission is the nonprofit organization that handles the debates every election season. And people question why we think President Trump doesn't care enough about democratic protocol. We wonder why...


Trump's senior advisers revealed all in their interview with The New York Times, that the President is wary of who the Commission on Presidential Debates will choose as the moderator for the upcoming election debates, which is what has prompted him to contemplate skipping out on them. As for who the Democratic Party's nominee will be, however, Trump couldn't possibly care less. Apparently, whether it's socialist Bernie Sanders or moderate Joe Biden, he's sure he's capable of beating just about anyone - though polls have consistently said otherwise. Perhaps that's why the President has little to no plans when it comes to the upcoming debates.

When his senior advisers were asked about their plans for the debates, they seemed to wince at the question. Then, they promptly declined to answer, adding that these plans were not something they wished to discuss until the next year. With January 2020 just about two weeks away, we wonder how much longer his team will take to formally release their strategies. More importantly, we want to know if the GOP has anything to say about this. It definitely looks like Trump's team is scrambling to make ends meet at this point. Reportedly, it could be a result of post-election trauma. That is the appropriate medical term for the feelings associated with losing so poorly to your competition during a Presidential debate, right?


Trump complained repeatedly about being at a huge disadvantage during the 2016 Presidential elections when he ran against Hillary Clinton. And for good reason, too. Polls showed that the two candidates were basically neck and neck. In fact, Clinton and Trump tied in the polls right before the first debate, but Trump got bumped down lower and lower after each of the three face-to-face matchups they had. Ultimately, though Clinton won the majority vote, it wasn't enough to sway the electoral college. Nonetheless, the President shouldn't rely on that stroke of utter luck to win a second term in the White House. According to aides who formerly worked for Clinton, they expect Trump to participate in at least one debate. Not doing any would not be strategically smart,” explained Philippe Reines, a longtime Clinton adviser. He predicted that Trump will "bluff that he won’t do any with the goal of only having to do one.” Well, whatever President Trump chooses to do, it's going to be quite an uphill battle.


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