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Trump shared a photoshopped image of him as muscular Rocky Balboa and my eyes must be cleansed

President Donald Trump shared a photo of himself doctored to look like Rocky Balboa. Now, Twitter is having a field day.

Trump shared a photoshopped image of him as muscular Rocky Balboa and my eyes must be cleansed

This Presidency just keeps getting weirder and weirder. In the most confusing move yet, United States President Donald Trump shared a photoshopped image of himself made to look like a  muscular Rocky Balboa, gloves and all, on his favorite social media platform, Twitter. There wasn't even a statement to accompany the awkward photo. It was just there... staring us all down... pretending to be normal and whatnot. Unsurprisingly, it has quickly become the talk of the virtual town, with people across the world equally as confused as I am. I wonder what the GOP has to say about this. How will they defend this trainwreck of a Presidency now?



Since it was first posted, the post has been retweeted over 154,000 times and has received over 515,500 likes on the platform. Of course, some of the replies to his tweet are actually in support of Trump. And, honestly, are we even surprised about that? One Trump supporter responded: TRUE CHAMPION! Only the truly stupid punch President Trump and don’t expect a counterpunch. He’s taken on dynasties, the swamp, and the world... HE IS STILL STANDING! I stand in support of TRUMP! Another added in a tweet that has since been deleted: We have a fighter in the White House! Well done President Trump! Perhaps it is time for us to send some thoughts and prayers for all of Trump's brainwashed groupies.

Mercifully, there were others who pointed out just how weird and uncomfortable the photo actually was. Some took the (rather easy) opportunity to make a joke out of the situation. Comedian Nick Jack, for instance, tweeted: This is all wrong. Rocky defeated Russia, while Trump continues to hand them victories. In a follow-up tweet, he added: Also, Rocky could catch a chicken. Trump can barely catch a chicken McNugget. Others, however, pointed out that Trump probably needs professional help, such as one user who stated: You've never looked like this in your life. Tweeting this out for world leaders to see is bad for the United States. Vice President Pence should be in discussion with Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader McConnell about the 25th Amendment. You need serious intervention.



Others, still, decided to take the image and run with it, making memes and indulging in general trolling. The President really should not have expected any less. There were, of course, various users who created "Expectations versus Reality" memes as well as users who decided to use their Photoshop skills to take things to the next level, doctoring images to show Trump defeated in a boxing ring or as a sumo wrestler. While fat-shaming is wrong no matter who it is, the President couldn't honestly have imagined things turning out any other way, could he? Actually, he's just as delusional as his motley crew.


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