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Trump loses cool as second whistleblower comes forward, call for impeachment hastens

The President continues to lash out against claims of treason as his motley crew of Republicans try to protect him from impeachment.

Trump loses cool as second whistleblower comes forward, call for impeachment hastens

Lawyers representing the original whistleblower who alleged United States President Donald Trump had engaged in behavior in line with treason confirmed on Sunday, October 6, that they were now representing a second whistleblower who reportedly has more information regarding the incident. The second intelligence official's substantiation is expected to bring more credibility to the initial allegation as well as hasten the Democratic Party's call for an investigation into grounds for impeachment, Vox reports. As the GOP and Trump scramble to fight the recent charges, it appears that they are unfortunately losing their footing.


The announcement came after Attorney Mark Zaid, who represents the first whistleblower, came forward to confirm a New York Times report which claimed he and his team were representing a second whistleblower. The report alleged that this second whistleblower had "more direct information about the events than the first," a fact that Zaid corroborated. As one of the Trump administration's main defenses was that the initial intelligence official's claims were based on secondhand knowledge — an argument that is only partially true as they did have at least some "direct knowledge of certain alleged conduct" — this individual's statement could deliver added validity.


The news has been welcomed by the Democratic Party, whose members have been pressing the White House for more information. United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently failed to meet a subpoena deadline for documents related to the investigation, therefore, Democrats have demanded an expanded subpoena request for documents from the White House (as the executive branch failed to meet requests to provide them voluntarily), The Guardian reports. Meanwhile, Trump and his motley crew of Republicans seem interested in protecting the POTUS, happily ignoring democratic protocol.


As usual, Trump took to social media platform Twitter in an attempt to salvage what was left of his Presidency. He posted: The so-called whistleblower’s account of my perfect phone call is 'way off,' not even close. Schiff and Pelosi never thought I would release the transcript of the call. Got them by surprise, they got caught. This is a fraud against the American people! He also, again, as per usual, slammed the press for "biased" reporting. The media is 'fixed' and corrupt. It bears no relationship to the truth. The New York Times and The Washington Post are pure fiction. Totally dishonest reporting! He wrote: Nonetheless, State Secretary Pompeo has affirmed that the administration will "obviously do the things [they] are required to do by law. As the investigation unfolds, Democrats must work strategically and in a unified manner in order to guarantee the whistleblowers' safety as well as maintain the sanctity of American democracy. For those Republicans protecting dear Donnie, it may be time to wise up and smell the impeachment roses.


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