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Trump is going to build a wall around Colorado. There's one problem: it's not a border state.

Yet again, Trump fumbled around while trying to talk about his border wall and said he'd build one in Colorado, the American state which shares borders with more American states.

Trump is going to build a wall around Colorado. There's one problem: it's not a border state.

United States President Donald Trump just can't stop talking about his big, long, fine border wall. Ever since he first started his Presidential run, that's been one of the main standing pillars of his policy proposals. Even after all the backlash and criticism from Capitol Hill and activists alike, it seems that good ol' Donnie isn't about to give in any time soon. On Wednesday, October 22, during a speech on American energy in Pittsburgh, the President brought up his border wall yet again. However, he made quite the peculiar assertion that's left everyone rather confused, CNN reports. Trump asserted his administration was "building a wall in Colorado," which is fine and dandy, we suppose. There's just one problem though - Colorado isn't a border state.


President Trump stated, "We're building a wall on the border of New Mexico. And we're building a wall in Colorado." For those of you who were paying attention during your middle school geography lessons will know that Colorado is located directly north of New Mexico. In other words, Colorado isn't located anywhere near the United States-Mexico border. Sure, this could have just been a sneaky slip of the tongue, something all of us commit sometimes, but Trump has made a ridiculous habit of protecting the false statements he makes far too often.




Therefore, no one's taking any chances. They did, however, take to social media platforms across the internet to do what they do best: make memes. Twitter especially went wild in response to Trump's assertions, with many individuals questioning whether Trump was fit to be President (yeah, what else is new?). Colorado Governor Jared Polis was one of the first to have his say, perhaps rightly so. He posted on Twitter, "Well this is awkward... Colorado doesn’t border Mexico. Good thing Colorado now offers free full-day kindergarten so our kids can learn basic geography." Boom. Did you hear that? That was the mic dropping.




Others chimed in too, such as one user who asked, "You know he’s just going to redraw the border with a sharpie, right?" He was referring to that one time Trump decided to redraw the path of a natural disaster so he wouldn't have to own up to his mistakes. Another added, "Is this real? I mean, it probably is... I can't tell the difference between real headlines and satire headlines anymore." Honestly, we feel the same way too, buddy. We're hoping someone will wake us up from this fever dream and things will be okay and Obama will be President again.


President Trump's comments come right after the Republican-controlled Senate failed, yet again, to overturn the national emergency declaration Trump filed in order to pay for his border wall (that Mexico was supposed to pay for in the first place, just in case any of y'all forgot). In September, the Pentagon shifted "$3.6 billion of military construction funding from 127 projects around the world to pay for 11 wall projects on the United States southern border," CNN reports. Perhaps they'll just divert more funds for the new wall in Colorado. Or maybe they'll make New Mexico, you know that state that sounds like it's in Mexico but actually isn't, pay for it. We just never know anymore with Trump.


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