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Trump supporter with pipe bombs, carried faux “white privilege" credit card: FBI

The business owner made five pipe bombs, 49 firearms, and two dozen ammunition boxes containing thousands of rounds.

Trump supporter with pipe bombs, carried faux “white privilege" credit card: FBI
Image source: FBI affidavit

A Trump-inspired extremist from Napa is facing federal charges after the FBI found pipe bombs, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and weapons at his place during a raid. Ian Rogers, 44, has been charged with the federal crime of unlawful possession of unregistered destructive devices after he admitted to building pipe bombs. “I want to blow up a democrat building bad,” wrote Rogers in a text. Five pipe bombs, 49 firearms, and two dozen ammunition boxes containing thousands of rounds, and explosive material were found at his home and business in Napa County, California, reported ABC7 News. He was also found in possession of a faux credit card that read " White Privilege Card" followed by "Trumps everything." The card had the digits 0045 0045 0045 0045 referencing Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. Nothing spells 'cult' quite like that.  


The 44-year-old is the owner of an automobile repair shop. Rogers was arrested on January 15. According to the FBI affidavit, Rogers claimed to have built the pipe bombs for entertainment purposes. He also had a sticker for the extremist group the “Three-Percenters.” During the raid at his home, the FBI found messages on his phone discussing potential targets that reportedly included Twitter, Democrats, and Facebook. The FBI stated that he had “intent to attack Democrats and places associated with Democrats in an effort to ensure Trump remained in office,” reported The Huffington Post. Two days after Twitter banned Trump from their platform, he allegedly texted, "We can attack Twitter and democrats easy right now burn their shit down,” wrote Rogers. “I want to blow up a democrat building bad.” He also threatened to start a "war" to keep Trump in office. “I hope 45 goes to war if he doesn’t I will,” Rogers allegedly wrote.



The FBI stated Rogers intended "to engage in acts of violence himself locally if there was not an organized ‘war’ to stop Donald Trump from being removed from office after losing the Presidential election to Joe Biden. Rogers also hinted at attacking Twitter and Facebook offices after the platforms banned him. He also made discussed attacking California Governor Gavin Newsom's office, said the FBI. "Our focus is on behavior and those individuals who are not aspirational and have intent to use firearms and explosive devices, said FBI Agent in Charge, Craig Fair.

Image source: FBI


Napa defense attorney Jess Raphael, who represents Rogers said, "He was an enthusiastic follower of the (former) President of the United States. That used to make him a patriot and now that makes him a terrorist." Surely the line separating a 'patriot' and a 'terrorist' can't be that fine. "I have 38 letters of support for Rogers from the community," said Raphael. The man literally admitted to making bombs and texted about killing Democrats and still has people standing up for him and still has people rallying around him. It wouldn't be a surprise if they all had 'White privilege cards' of their own. Ian Rogers' attorney argued, "This is just a guy in the community with a gun collection. He is a republican and a gun aficionado." Napa District Attorney Allison Haley stated he was making bombs. "When detonated, these types of devices can kill anyone within five feet and seriously injure anyone within twenty feet," said Napa District Attorney Allison Haley. Rogers is currently in jail with bail set at $5 million. Rogers now faces a possible 30 years in prison. Ironically, the name on his White Privilege card reads Scott Free

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