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Truck driver goes out of his way to ensure a family celebrates Christmas as always

The kind driver chose to be nameless as he believed he was just at the right place at the right time when he made the family incredibly happy.

Truck driver goes out of his way to ensure a family celebrates Christmas as always
Cover Image Source: YouTube | KCENNews

A truck driver's act of kindness helped a family keep their yearly Christmas tradition alive. "A lot of our Christmas decorations belong to my mother and I lost her back in 2017," Michele Wiesemann shared, as reported by WFAA. "I have a tree every year for Christmas that's designated specifically to my mom." When the family moved from Copperas Cove to Colorado Springs, they left behind some precious items. "The things that we left behind, I was thinking they were things I wouldn't need for a little while at least," Wiesemann explained. "That just hasn't really worked out very well."

Representative Image Source: Pixabay |  Bru-nO
Representative Image Source: Pixabay | Bru-nO

Wiesemann's mother-in-law Ally Lamb quickly got onto a Copperas Cove community group on Facebook to see if anyone could help the family. "I put in the Copperas Cove Hot Topics Facebook page for anyone who might have been PCSing to Colorado Springs and would be willing to take about five or six boxes of Christmas ornaments, decorations, and a Christmas tree to their house," Lamb said.

The family didn't even have to wait that long. In fact, it just took 30 minutes for a Copperas Cove truck to respond. He said he would be able to alter his route to deliver Christmas items to the family. Without any hesitation, he picked up about five bins of Christmas items from a location in Harker Heights, stopped for work in Fort Worth, and went on a journey to Colorado that was over 12 hours long.

Representative Image Source:  Pixabay | planet_fox
Representative Image Source: Pixabay | planet_fox

"It's very heartfelt to know that there are great human beings in this world that you can trust a complete stranger," Weisemann shared. "We're just very blessed and very fortunate that this man has decided to play Santa a little bit early." It was an incredibly emotional meeting with the driver, who wanted to remain nameless as he believed he was just at the right place at the right time. Wiesemann's daughter Emma repaid the driver's kindness with a gift basket packed with snacks and goodies for him to enjoy.


It isn't the first story of how a driver has helped a stranger in need. A few years ago, Lauren Mulvihill learned Ronald Dembner was a widower and a veteran who lost his two sons and lived alone with his dog, Homer. The Uber driver from Henry County, Georgia, met 89-year-old Ronald Dembner in 2019 as she picked him up from the hospital after he was discharged. Little did she know that their lives were about to change forever.

When she learned of Dembner's living conditions, she knew she had to step in. Mulvihill made a few calls to get some help, but eventually, she put on a pair of gloves and decided to tidy up the place. She also posted on Facebook asking if anyone could offer a hand. "The man lives alone and cannot keep up with his pets. The house is deplorable. I'm not going to post pictures to spare his dignity, but it's incredibly sad. He says he has no living family and is terrified he will lose his home. I have been back and tried to clean up, but I am a single parent and my kids cannot stay inside the home," she wrote.

Eventually, dozens of volunteers turned up at Dembner's home and began cleaning. The end result was worth it! "I just don't have the words to explain how grateful I am, how thankful I am," Dembner said per 11 Alive. "God bless them all for what they've done." And it worked both ways. "I will never forget their help, their love for the rest of my life. I will never forget it," Mulvihill said. "We will never forget you either. And I love them all."


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