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Truck carrying oranges breaks down in forest and what happens next is leaving everyone in splits

Elephants conduct a hilarious raid on trucks carrying oranges in South Africa, leaving everyone in splits.

Truck carrying oranges breaks down in forest and what happens next is leaving everyone in splits
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Storyful Viral

There is nothing better than an animal company in the world. They are so removed from the world's regulations that they freely follow the beat of their heart, resulting in hilarious scenarios. One of those funny scenarios is in full display in this video, recorded by Austin Johnson, per Storyful Viral. This video showcases how little wildlife cares about human problems. In the human world, the breaking down of transports mostly comes with serious consequences. This video features a truck full of oranges breaking down in the middle of the road. While humans are all over the vehicle trying to get the situation under control, elephants are involved in their own business, far from their worries.

Image Source: YouTube/Storyful Viral
Image Source: X | @ivanjvsivan

The video begins with the narrator showing the truck's condition and saying they have run into "a bit of a problem here." As per the caption, the whole incident unfolded in Limpopo, South Africa. As the humans were repairing the trucks, the camera panned to a herd of "opportunistic elephants," who were feasting on the oranges that were to be transported. They were slowly and steadily taking the oranges from the trucks and putting them in their mouths. One of them also noticed that they were getting recorded, but it did nothing to deter them or their group from their goal of eating the delicious oranges. Johnson explained, "The elephants are coming and helping themselves, taking advantage."

Image Source: YouTube/Storyful Viral
Image Source: X | @ivanjvsivan

Elephants can not be blamed in the situation. For all they know, the trucks are in their territory and the humans have shown up to give them juicy tributes. The forest is their home and humans have come bearing gifts. At first, only two were enjoying the fruits, but soon more started to creep in, making it a feast for them. After seeing the herd in all its glory, the humans understood they were firmly outnumbered. So, they did what any sensible chap would do, they let the elephants enjoy themselves.

In his interview with Storyful, Johnson shared what he exactly felt in that situation, per Yahoo! News. "I was a bit nervous to be so close to them at first, but as I got closer to take a look at what the problem was with the truck, I realized they seemed interested in only one thing, the sweet, juicy oranges," he said. "Farming in South Africa has many challenges, but this is one you don't always think about when your orange truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere."


Other adorable footage of animals being their quirky self is also available on the internet, which can make anyone fall head over heels for them. In a video posted on the Royal Society Journals YouTube channel, which was taken as part of a study, animals were seen running on wheels. Popularly, only mice are imagined to run on wheels, but this couldn't be farther from the truth. Other wild animals, like frogs, also enjoy their exercise on the wheels. They inspire human folks who cannot even get up from inside the blankets during winter, let alone run.


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