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'Treasure hunt' game finds adventurous way to spread wealth and yes, it involves a genie lamp

In a fervent chase of the ultimate treasure, a genie lamp, the game contestants run around the country following clues.

'Treasure hunt' game finds adventurous way to spread wealth and yes, it involves a genie lamp
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Treasure Game$

For those who read the age-old fairy tale of Alladin and his magic lamp, the wishful thought of finding a genie lamp someday is quite inevitable. How amazing would it be to have a genie granting anything and everything we wish for? Turns out, it's not all fantasy. If you're smart enough, you may as well make your wishes come true with the help of treasure-hunting games organized by the Treasure Game$. This live-action gaming company launched its first contest in January and it's a holy grail for every thrill seeker with a chance of winning a whopping amount if they find the ultimate treasure - the wish lamp.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Sena Shot
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Sena Shot

It's primarily a game of wits. One needs to have a knack to solve the tricky clues that are hidden in different places in the U.S. "To spread wealth to more people than any other company in the world," is the company's sole mission. Every game has different rules, time frames and treasures. Participants can play both individually or as a group going on treasure-hunting adventures in common public places until they figure out the location of the wish lamp. Once the participants subscribe to the game and begin their hunt, they need to offer a recorded video as evidence to reveal how they solved a clue and found the treasure. 


The Treasure Game$ ensured that no private property would be disturbed during the treasure hunt and the contestants' safety was always their priority. If one has managed to solve all the clues, played the game following all the protocols and eventually landed the "Wish Lamp," they would be rewarded with $1 million in cash. Alternatively, they can also opt for 3 non-cash materialistic wishes, which can sum up to $1.2 million, as per the games' current policy. If you think that this game is too good to be true, the first-ever winners of this treasure hunt are here to tell you otherwise. 


Ron Novak and Michelle Bush, a couple from New Mexico, had the "genie" grant their wish and won $1.2 million worth of prizes, as per KRQE. After nearly three months of hunting for treasures which required three trips to Dallas, the couple finally found the hidden lamp with a prize. Turns out, the clue was connected to a "Seinfeld" episode and the couple had to spend an extra day of their planned trip to find the lamp. Instead of the $1 million cash, the pair chose three wishes -  a Sprinter van, the SouthWest Motel in Grants, New Mexico and a generous donation to Hare Krishna Food for Life Group which supported Novak when he used to be homeless. 


On finding the lamp, Novak was in absolute shock and it took a while for him to realize what they had achieved. He felt quite glad about being able to contribute to the charity that meant a lot to him. "For me, it was the biggest gift to be able to give them money for this because I used to be a taker. I just took it, and I needed help and wanted help," Novak told the media channel. "We bought the van for the dogs. That’s an internal joke," Bush added referring to their four dogs who are often crammed up in their old Subaru. The pair looks forward to more treasure hunts in the future. 


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