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Travel expert gets thumbs up for her tip on how to exit airport and reach destination much quicker

If you are trying to navigate your way around the airport and trying to find an exit route quickly, Lindsay's tip might come in handy for you.

Travel expert gets thumbs up for her tip on how to exit airport and reach destination much quicker
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @onegirlwandering

There is always a first time to everything we do. Taking your first flight can be unnerving, but then again, you can turn to the internet and seek help from many of these travel content creators as you learn how to navigate the airport. In this case, a frequent traveler from Texas named Lindsay Mukaddam - who goes on TikTok with the username @onegirlwandering - is giving out a life hack to help people exit the airports faster after they land. The 37-year-old solo traveler, who frequently posts travel content, shared a video in July that went viral.



Mukaddam's 14-second clip has amassed over a million views so far. "Come to the departures level if the arrival level is completely slammed with cars," she says at the beginning of her clip. "Because then the person who's picking you up can get up here with no issues, and they don't have to wait in line." Her video was aptly captioned: "I may look like crud after a 20+ hour travel day, but at least I don't have to wait a moment longer to get home."

Newsweek reached out to Mukaddam in August, where she elaborated on the hack she went viral for. "I found out about this hack because the Austin airport actually has signs during busy travel times encouraging travelers to use both levels for pickups and drop-offs. Not everyone pays attention to this, but those who do listen to this advice have a shorter wait time," she told the outlet. Mukaddam did acknowledge that this hack might not work on all airports because some airports do not have separate areas for departures and arrivals.

Image Source: TikTok | @onegirlwandering
Image Source: TikTok | @onegirlwandering


Mukaddam's simple tips and tricks might have brought relief to many weary travelers who were taking on that extra stress to reach their rides outside the airport but were failing to do so. Another woman like Mukaddam, 44-year-old Tracy Walder, who also happens to be a former FBI special agent and CIA officer, shared a hotel hack that everyone might need while traveling.

While chatting with the New York Post, Walder recommended travelers to book rooms between the third and the sixth floors of any hotel. She explains that these rooms are low enough to the main floor so people can access the emergency exit easily, but at the same time, it is far enough from intruders who enter through the ground floor. "When it comes to floor level, there are two things — first is entering. Typically, someone who's trying to do harm is going to go the easiest way that they can and that would be entering through the first floor as it is most accessible," she told the outlet.

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Oleksandr P
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Oleksandr P


"With getting out, if you're too high on the 20th floor or 21st floor — it's going to be really difficult for you to get out quickly," she continued. Walder notes that she makes sure to lock and bolt the door and place a doorstopper down for added security measures. "My husband, Ben, 44, teases me about it, and while it's unlikely someone will break in, the reality is that hotel staff have a keycard to get into your room," she remarked.

"My hope was to give people all different variations of security control and encourage them to use things they can control or already have — without having to buy anything," Walder added. Thanks to these tips from Mukaddam and Walder, a long journey can be a little less difficult for first-time travelers.

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