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Town throws garbage men a 'thank you' party attended by the mayor. They break down in tears.

Sanitation workers Saul and Keon were in for a treat as they rolled through North Bay Road community in Miami Beach.

Town throws garbage men a 'thank you' party attended by the mayor. They break down in tears.
Image Source: Brian Ely / YouTube

The frontline workers who keep us safe aren't just our doctors and nurses. These employees are also delivery executives and sanitation workers. If our communities weren't cleaned every single day by those risking their lives right now, the ongoing public health crisis would have been a whole lot worse. In order to recognize the dedication and sacrifice of a pair of sanitation workers in the city of Miami Beach, Florida, a bunch of residents threw them a lovely surprise party. The party was a way to recognize the efforts of Saul Scruggs and Keon Richardson, two garbage men who have never missed a day of work.



Just as the duo's large garbage truck rolled down the street of the North Bay Road community, they spotted dozens of residents on the road holding banners and colorful balloons. The community had gotten up super early that day in order to line the street with signs and other decorations. They claimed that it was simply a way to say to Saul and Keon, "We love you." The party was organized by Jennifer Elegant, one of the members of the community. She wanted to show her family's appreciation for the garbage men and a socially distanced "thank you" party was the best way she knew how.



"They bring an incredible, positive energy to the entire neighborhood," she said in an interview. "Simply put, they spread joy." They bring so much joy, in fact, that the town Mayor was also present at the party. Mayor Dan Gelber personally showed up to salute them and thank them for all the work they do. According to Jennifer, Saul and Keon do more than "just pick up trash." They always have bright smiles on their faces and have never missed an opportunity to say hello or make someone's day just a little bit better. They often go out of their way to help others without expecting anything in return.

For example, Saul once spent 45 minutes helping a woman dig through the trash in order to help her find her lost wedding ring. On another occasion, he waited with a neighbor for over an hour as she was experiencing heart issues and required an ambulance. It is moments like these that make the pair an invaluable part of the community. Even after the pandemic set in, Saul and Keon have remained committed to their duties. Jennifer shared, "They continue to maintain their upbeat demeanor even during this stressful pandemic, sacrificing their own safety in order to keep our city clean and beautiful."

"Every day we are surrounded by heroes who bring us inspiration and joy but too often we are unable to recognize these special individuals for the impact they make on others," she continued. "I wanted Saul and Keon to know that we are thankful from the bottom of our hearts." They indeed felt just how much they were appreciated! The duo was given many gift bags, cards, and presents. They were even presented certificates of appreciation from the town. Now it's time to increase their hourly wages to really display our appreciation.


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