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Tom Brady chokes up after a 7-year-old asks him about his hero: 'That's a great question'

The 7-year-old boy Joseph said that everyone considers Brady a hero and then asked who was Brady's personal hero.

Tom Brady chokes up after a 7-year-old asks him about his hero: 'That's a great question'
Image Source: Reddit/Ocelot859

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 9, 2023. It has since been updated.

Tom Brady, the American football quarterback, was answering questions at Super Bowl LI Media Day when a 7-year-old boy threw a curveball his way. While he was answering questions from the media, a child sitting on the shoulders of a man was introduced as 7-year-old Joseph. He went ahead and asked, “Many people say you’re their hero but who is your hero?” Brady was impressed by the question and repeated it just to make sure. He said, “That’s a great question.”

Image Source: Reddit/Ocelot859
Image Source: Reddit/Ocelot859


Brady continued, “I think my Dad is my hero as he is someone I look up to every day.” He got emotional saying this and even had tears in his eyes. The media was astounded as well because no one had ever witnessed Brady becoming this emotional during a media event, reported Essentially Sports. Brady’s father, Tom Brady Sr., has been a constant support in the player’s life. Even as Brady has decided to retire from Football at 45, his father has been as supportive as he was in his entire career. Their bond is unmatched and this short clip posted by u/Ocelot859 proves that.

Image Source: Reddit/Ocelot859
Image Source: Reddit/Ocelot859


Brady was asked why did he get emotional after that question, to which he replied, “You just have different things that your family goes through in the course of your life. It’s been a challenging year for my family, just for some personal reasons.” When it comes to family, the future Hall of Famer has a special affection for his adored father. Brady has looked to him for direction throughout his career. The Bucs quarterback still looks up to his father every day. As a result, Brady's father respects what Brady has accomplished in his illustrious career. Tom Brady Sr. defended him even after he declared his retirement. He said, "He had time to reflect with his family, you know, (on) what gives him the greatest joy in his life; and they all agreed that this is the path forward that works best for the Brady family." 



Fathers often go out of their way to support their children and make their lives as comfortable as possible. Another father's small yet significant gesture for his daughter went viral on the internet last year. The father decided to remain motionless for 45 minutes so that his daughter could sleep on a plane. The image was published by user u/therra123 on SubReddit's "Wholesome Moments" page. It depicted a father holding his daughter's head while she was sleeping in her seat on a flight. In an effort to keep his daughter from waking up, the father, who was seated behind his daughter, did not move his hand for 45 minutes. It displayed the commitment of the father to treat his child as nothing short of a princess.

More than 1800 people liked the image that @TheMindBlowing also posted on Twitter. People were affected by the father's gesture and said that this is the proper way for a father to treat his children. While some thought that he is spoiling her, most of the people were amazed by this gesture.

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