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Toddler's witty response to seeing mom instead of dad after waking up proves he's a 'daddy's boy'

The toddler saw his mom instead of his dad when he woke up and his reaction clearly reveals who his favorite parent is.

Toddler's witty response to seeing mom instead of dad after waking up proves he's a 'daddy's boy'
Cover Image Source: Instagram| @juliehlin

Growing up, children tend to get more attached to one parent over the other, especially during their toddler phase. There have been umpteen examples of boy toddlers getting closer to their moms while little girls cling to their dads. Sometimes, due to maternal needs, little girls may require their mom over their dad. However, it is seldom the case that toddler boys prefer their dads to their moms. An Instagram mom, Julie, shared a wholesome video of this rare bonding. She captured how her toddler is a "daddy's boy" and will not have it any other way. In the video, her son is seen waking up from his nap in his crib and looking around.

Image Source: Instagram| @juliehlin
Image Source: Instagram| @juliehlin

As he was playing around with his toys, his mum walked in to greet him and take him in his arms. While any other toddler boy would have jumped at the chance and gleamed with joy, this little boy had a different reaction. He looked at his mother, who he calls “Umma” and said, “Umma? No.” He began to wave his hand in disagreement and began to get all cranky at the mere sight of his mother. Just before he could throw a tantrum and burst into tears, the mom said, “No? Sorry,” and stepped back. Shortly, the boy’s dad whom he addresses as “Appa,” walked into the room. “Appa?” the dad asked as he stretched out his hands to carry his boy.

Image Source: Instagram| @juliehlin
Image Source: Instagram| @juliehlin

As soon as the toddler saw him, he very willingly went into his arms saying, “Appa.” “Appa only? Okay,” the dad said as he carried him. As the dad was comforting and caressing his boy, the mom decided to verify the wholesome “dad only” bond the boy had. She tried to play with him by making gestures with her hands but as soon as the boy saw her, he flipped her hand away and said, “No.” “Oh, sorry,” the mom said. As upsetting as it may seem thinking from a mother’s point of view, the mom pointed out that it is rare and wholesome for dads to share such an enriching bond with their sons. In her caption, she wrote, “I honestly love their relationship. Not many kids wake up asking for their dad instead of their mom. I chose the best man to be the father of our kids.”

Image Source: Instagram| @juliehlin
Image Source: Instagram| @juliehlin

Several people liked and commented on the posts adding to the rewarding experience it is to have a dada’s boy in the house. @keedie_ceo said, “When I birthed my son, he started crying. His Dad called his name and he turned, looked in his direction, and stopped. They’ve been inseparable ever since.” @triciavalentine said, “I love that you respect his feelings! Too many parents don’t do that!” joked and said, “He’s like, ‘Not today lady!’” @_so_doll_ pulled the positives out of the situation and said, “At first I was sad for you but nowadays I think that’s actually cool. You can rest a little. Now we need the lessons on how to pull this strategy.” @afrabinttaher said, “Also the fact he isn't scared of demanding who he wants to be held by says a lot about your parenting. Zero toxicity. So proud of you for that.”

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