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Toddler tries Costco free samples for the first time and his reactions are hilariously on point

The child was immediately impressed by the nugget sample and lost no time in stuffing his face with it. 'The nuggets are a hit,' said his dad.

Toddler tries Costco free samples for the first time and his reactions are hilariously on point
Cover Image Source: Reddit/ u/joshterada

Children can be the best food reviewers as they have honest opinions on everything they eat. And how they feel about the food is very apparent in the expressions on their faces as soon as they put it in their mouth. One such one-year-old baby was put to the test with the free samples available in a Costco store. The Reddit video posted by Joshua Terada (u/joshterada) starts with Terada and his toddler son Abide going shopping. The text overlay reads, “My 1-year-old trying Costco samples for the first time.”

Image Source: Reddit/ u/joshterada
Image Source: Reddit/ u/joshterada

The first thing that the kid tries is cranberry juice samples. He seems very interested in the juice but later makes a disgusted face. “What even is that,” reads the overlay text. The next thing that Abide goes to try is cheeseburger samples. He likes it and reaches out for more. In the video, the burger is rated 4/5.

Adorable Abide then tries a bread and jam sample. Unfortunately, he does not even taste the sample. Terada remarks: “Hard pass.” The next sample Abide gets to try is the dino nuggets sample. “The nuggets are a hit,” says the dad. The child can be seen stuffing his face with the nuggets. The nuggets are rated 5/5. The video ends with the father telling the son, “Good job.” They both can be seen waving bye and leaving the store.

Image Source: Reddit/ u/joshterada
Image Source: Reddit/ u/joshterada

The video has gained about 5.1k upvotes on Reddit. People found the child and his reactions adorable. u/Eyfordsucks commented, "This is really super cute. Love how attentive the dad is and the communication between him and the baby is priceless. Good stuff to see!" u/Lumpy_Ad_9082 wrote, "What a cute video, he's absolutely adorable. The face he makes when he drinks the cranberry juice."

Image Source: Reddit/ u/joshterada
Image Source: Reddit/ u/joshterada

u/isshiki-otsutsuki shared, "Need to do this with my boy! Thank you for sharing brother." u/Imaginary-Praline-27 expressed, "Lmao this is fantastic! We took our one-year-old to Costco this past weekend for the first time. We'll have to try this next time!" u/jazzlike-animal404 commented, "So cute especially those chunky cheeks!" u/OstentatiousSock pointed out, "One of my boys loved going to Costco, BJs, etc. on sample day when he was little. To the point, it could be used as an incentive by either offering it or taking it off the table for good/bad behavior. It was always a fun morning and it was enough food for a little dude to be full till dinner time."


Children are always excited about anything interesting happening around them. In another adorable video, a man can be seen celebrating his birthday at a restaurant, and everyone around him is singing for him. Meanwhile, a young girl comes in clapping her hands and is seen trying to blow out the candles on the cake. Although her father stops her from blowing them out, the man asks the father to let her do the honors. The video demonstrates that the biggest joys in life come from the simplest of gestures.

Image Source: Twitter/ @GoodNewsCorres1
Image Source: Twitter/ @GoodNewsCorres1

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