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Toddler grinning with all his heart after his first haircut is a whole mood: 'Love it'

The little boy's adorable reaction captivates hearts, creating a cherished memory for all those who have watched the clip.

Toddler grinning with all his heart after his first haircut is a whole mood: 'Love it'
Cover Image Source: Reddit/bindukwe

Having a dull day? Don't worry. We have just the perfect clip for you, all thanks to this little boy who recently got his first haircut. u/bindukwe shared the wholesome video of the toddler visiting the barbershop with his parents for the first time on Reddit. First haircuts always turn out to be memorable experiences for both the child and their parents. It can be a mixed bag of emotions for the kid. Some may find the new sensations of trimmers or scissors uncomfortable and shed a few tears, while others enjoy the entire process. With wide eyes and an adventurous spirit, this little one experienced the buzzing of clippers and the snip of scissors like a champ. 

Image Source: Reddit/bindukwe
Image Source: Reddit/bindukwe


The video begins with the toddler in his dad's arms and the mother exclaiming, "Your first haircut!" The father emphasizes, "At a barber shop," indicating that the child probably had received a few haircuts at home. The toddler seems excited to experience his first haircut at the salon. However, this initial excitement wears off once the kid is seated in the chair by his father. He begins to cry, extending his arms for his father to pick him up. His parents manage to coax him, and he finally agrees to get a haircut while being seated on his dad's lap. The barber adorns him with a gown, but he still seems anxious. His mother attempts to cheer him up, saying, "You like it. You're just hiding it!" The barber begins to cut the boy's hair, but he doesn't look very happy, trying his best to not cry. As the video progresses, the tension on the kid's face disappears as he observes his new handsome look. After the haircut, he fist-bumps his father. The toddler looks very happy with his new haircut. He is seen grinning with all his heart and striking a few poses for the camera before greeting his siblings in the car. His sisters loved the haircut as they exclaimed: "Love it." 

Image Source: Reddit/bindukwe
Image Source: Reddit/bindukwe


Parents on the social media platform totally related to the kid's reaction after his first haircut at a barbershop. u/DaddyForgives shared, "They are so lucky. My son had absolute screaming meltdowns the first two times he got his hair cut. Funnily enough, he just got his third this past Saturday. He just sat there without a care in the world the entire time. Kids are weird." Netizens also loved the cuteness factor throughout the video; u/ThatQuietPerson89 chimed in and commented, "This family is so freaking adorable." To some, the toddler's final haircut resembled that of professional American basketball player Stephen Curry, and u/sp1nj1tzu was quick to point that out, saying, "They turned him into Steph Curry."

Image courtesy: Reddit/u/WallaceHuxley
Image courtesy: Reddit/WallaceHuxley


"That first haircut always takes them from a baby to a big kid. What a trooper! So cute!" commented u/merpancake while u/MetalHeart_ wrote: "Lol cute. What beautiful children they got." Many couldn't get over the "beautiful" genes of the boy. "Mommas genetics are strong," commented u/Notlivengood. 

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