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Toddler's heartwarming note for her mother having a 'ruf' day will leave you emotional

The daughter's note reads, 'Dear mom, I'm sorry if you had a ruf day.' It is signed off with two hearts.

Toddler's heartwarming note for her mother having a 'ruf' day will leave you emotional
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @acweyand

It's usually the parents who try to make sure their kids have a great day at school, but that's not always the case. Sometimes children also check with their parents about their day at work. One such child left a sweet little note for her mother, which will definitely melt your heart. In a picture posted by a mother @acweyand on Twitter, the daughter's note reads, "Dear mom, I'm sorry if you had a ruf day." It is signed off with two hearts. The picture is captioned, "Just found this note from 6 and I will be keeping it until I die." 



The post went viral on Twitter with more than 63,000 views. Many Twitter users shared the notes and drawings from their children and just loved the child's message. @LesiaOA commented, "Such a caring soul. This is truly special but it doesn’t hurt to write the name and date on these things because we do forget." @EEEaley commented, "8YO wrote me a note in marker and crayon, last month saying “Dear Mom, you have a heart of gold.” It’s on the fridge & I’m also keeping it forever." @marymast21 commented, "Yes. Such a keeper. My 18, 19, 30, and 31 yo children love seeing notes like this that I’ve kept from them!" @LabFairfax commented, "That is the sweetest! Mine have taken to drawing me pictures and turning them into cards that say I love you. That stack makes me happy."



@luvaneonate commented, "Put it in a wee frame and put it in your office. Or you can laminate it and put it on your car visor. When you have a bad day at work, flip the visor down. Those types of notes are so very precious and as time goes by their value grows."



In another story, talking about kids who care about their parents, a 10-year-old boy was gifted colorblind glasses for his birthday and he kept thanking his parents for it. In a video posted by u/Raising_Danger on Reddit, Jude is seen entering the room and searching for his gift hidden amidst many balloons. When he opens it and realizes what it is, he immediately starts crying and hugs his mother. His father asks him to try on the glasses and to look at the balloons. Jude continues to cry and keeps repeating, "Thank you so much." He comes back for hugs from his mother and thanks her. He then hugs his father and his dad wishes him, "Happy Birthday, Jude."


This heartwarming video has more than 66,000 upvotes. It is captioned, "My son getting his colorblind glasses for his 10th birthday." Many on Reddit marvel at how much the child is grateful to his parents. One user, u/Iaemloise2 commented, "What a sweet, sweet kid. I love how important it was to him to thank you first, even though he knew what was in store. I’m excited for him and all the new discoveries he’s about to make!" Another viewer of the video u/fmaholly commented, "That is a kid who truly sees the value in those glasses. You could see and hear how grateful he is. I’m so happy to have seen this today." u/Religiously-Numb commented, "Great, now I’m bawling all over my coffee and have to put my phone down to clean up…this was awesome!" 

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