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Toddler who remembered mom's childhood wish surprises her with precious gift that moves her to tears

The daughter brings her mother a gift she knew she longed for as a child and the mom's reaction has the internet in tears.

Toddler who remembered mom's childhood wish surprises her with precious gift that moves her to tears
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @rachazzolini

Having children and bringing them up in this world is an experience filled with extreme highs and lows. Most parents function to give their children a wholesome upbringing and protect them from emotional stress. Often, in the relationship, children end up healing the emotional wounds the parents might be carrying. The basis of unconditional love shows parents' attention and consideration for children they might never have experienced before. It is exactly what happened with Rachel Azzolini–who goes by @rachazzolini on Instagram–whose daughter surprised her with a gift that put to rest a lot of hurt she experienced during her childhood. The adorable moment between the mother-daughter went viral and won many hearts.

Image Source: Instagram/@rachazzolini
Image Source: Instagram/@rachazzolini

The video begins with Azzolini's daughter, Ellie, going to the kitchen to hand her mother a beautiful Barbie set. The mother explained in the text overlay the history associated with this gift for her, "A while back, I explained to my daughter that I loved playing Barbie with her because my family couldn't buy me Barbie when I was little." This revelation might hit close to home for many women, as playing with these dolls was an unattainable dream for many in their younger years, but its cost has always been an issue. Nishah Malik shared in her article published in British Online Archives that the price of these dolls, which ranged from $7 to $14.28, made them a commodity that could only be owned by the upper middle classes.

Image Source: Instagram/@rachazzolini
Image Source: Instagram/@rachazzolini

As a mother, playing with these dolls with her daughter was a kind of wish fulfillment. It was healing a part that was damaged by the longing she felt due to not being able to own Barbie in her childhood. Her daughter got her a gift that allows her to have a new experience with these Barbies. She expressed her gratitude in the caption and wrote, "The best birthday gift I've ever received." 

The whole thing was being recorded by Ellie's father. As Ellie reached the kitchen, she excitedly surprised her mom by saying, "Here you go." The mother was visibly taken aback as she put everything together in her head. Ellie then explained that she brought the set because it reminded her of them. She explained, pointing to the doll, "That's Ellie and that's Mommy" and then reached out for a hug. The mom couldn't control her tears.

Image Source: Instagram/@rosalvalvarez
Image Source: Instagram/@rosalvalvarez
Image Source: Instagram/@_sarargs_
Image Source: Instagram/@_sarargs_

The video has garnered nearly 37K views and people in the comments section absolutely adored this heartwarming moment. @suchiiiyer appreciated Ellie and wrote, "She's such a great soul who loves, cares and empathizes. Belated Happy Birthday, Rachel!" @success_with_val shared her personal experience with Barbie and commented, "This is so adorable! I used to have only 3 Barbies in my childhood and my 4-year daughter already has 50 of them. I guess I'm overcompensating what I couldn't have." @lel2259 wrote how the dress adds cherry to the top, "Adorable and you're wearing your pink Barbie dress."

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