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Toddler tells mom that trying again ‘is the most important thing to do’ in adorable pep talk

The heartwarming moment between this toddler and her mom is a beautiful example of positive parenting.

Toddler tells mom that trying again ‘is the most important thing to do’ in adorable pep talk
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @lilybcoco

Kids can sometimes turn out to be the biggest cheerleaders of their parents. They say things with such honesty and compassion and anyone would immediately feel better. So, when a mom named Lily B Coco was talking to her 3-year-old daughter, she got a memorable response. The moment was caught on camera and posted on Instagram where people were moved by this beautiful interaction.

Image Source: Instagram | @lilybcoco
Image Source: Instagram | @lilybcoco

"But then I had to practice a lot," says the mom to the 3-year-old while they seem to be making bracelets. "I had to practice a lot and then you know what...then I was able to do it," Coco tells her daughter. "But you did it," the child responds. So, the mother continued that she did get back up and tried again. "I think that's important," Coco emphasizes. That's when the 3-year-old shared a few words of encouragement for her mom. "I love it when you try again. Did you get back up and try again? That's the most important thing to do, try again," the child tells her mom. The entire time her daughter was talking, the mom kept saying, "Yeah" excitedly with a smile. The video ends with the mom telling her daughter, "Thank you for telling me that I think so too."

Image Source: Instagram | @lilybcoco
Image Source: Instagram | @lilybcoco

The video touched the hearts of many and they poured their thoughts in the comments section. @mrs_arnao commented, "I love that this conversation just sounds like two girlfriends talking." @marciaacole wrote, "It's the joy she shows about trying. I hope she keeps that throughout adult life." @_miss_malone shared, "Little sponges, soak up everything. They take it ALL in. That's why we need to be careful with our words around children." @jessrodrigz commented, "Toddlers can give the best advice and are also the mirror to our parenting, and you’re doing a phenomenal job, mama." @krishnaveni_kris wrote, "Kids man. They're something. You've raised her well ma'am. If she's able to speak like that now, it's a reflection of what you teach her."

Image Source: Instagram | @lilybcoco
Image Source: Instagram | @lilybcoco

Just like Coco, all parents have unique parenting experiences with their children. A mom named Stephanie Pinto in a video on Instagram shared her experience with intelligent parenting. She can be seen typing on her laptop with an overlay text that reads, "Me patiently waiting for parents to realize that when we stop fighting against our kids' big emotions and start accepting and honoring them, parenting will become a whole lot easier." She is trying to say that parents shouldn't be controlling kids' emotions and should instead empathize with them. It will make their relationship with their kids better. Her advice resonated with many other parents who are learning to emphasize well with their children.

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