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Toddler has the purest response to finding out her mommy was adopted and it is making everyone cry

The child was quite shocked to hear that her mother's birth mom had not wanted her.

Toddler has the purest response to finding out her mommy was adopted and it is making everyone cry
Cover Image Source: Instagram | Emily Fauver

Editor's note: This article was originally published on October 16, 2022. It has since been updated.

People choose to have children for a variety of reasons. Some want to invest their time and energy into raising families while others want to provide a home to orphans and opt for adoption. Children can also sometimes help a person heal from their own childhood traumas. TikTok influencer and parent Emily Fauver experienced this when she discussed her adoption with her 3-year-old daughter Ella, reports Scary Mommy.

The heartwarming moment was caught on a video by their home's security camera. In the clip, Ella can be heard asking her mother, "Why is Mimi your mom?" Fauver answered in a casual manner, "I was adopted, actually," while eating a banana and doing her daily chores in the kitchen. Little Ella was confused and asked her "why?" to which she replied: "Because my mommy didn’t want me. My mommy didn’t want me, so a new mommy came and got me."


Her daughter was extremely taken aback by this because she couldn't believe that somebody didn't want her mom. After a pause, she said: "Aw, I want you. I really want you. I’ll be your mommy." Moved by her little one's adorable and pure response, Fauver drops her banana and appears to cry at the wonderful gesture. "Give me a hug. That is so sweet. That’s exactly why I had you," she tells her daughter, following which Ella repeated: "I’m your mommy now."

Since being posted, the video has gathered over 1.6 million views on Instagram and almost 200,000 likes. Fauver wrote in the caption, "You’ve been warned... grab some tissues or the whole dang box. This little girl has no idea how much she’s healed my inner child in just three short years. God knew my heart needed you." An Instagram user commented: "My heart is being tugged to adopt lately and your story, and now this, it is making the desire continue to grow."


Another said, "I didn’t think I would cry cause you warned me I would. So I thought I wouldn’t. But. When she said. “I really want you!!” The waterworks." Others shared their similar experiences of kids being extremely understanding when dealing with such tough subjects. One Instagram user said, "I’m adopted too and when my son asked what’s adoption around the same age he had so much sympathy for me and he gave me the love I always needed in my bio parents. Special that you shared this with us." 


Emily has posted many other adorable videos with her daughter on social media. They both can be seen trying out different hairstyles, twinning in the same clothes and taking adorable pictures. In one of these videos, Emily shared her childhood story by creating a video montage of some childhood pictures with text inlay that reads, "A baby born d**g addicted, put in the foster system, neglected, and ab*sed, doubting her life would ever end up beautiful." She then added some more recent pictures with her family and she can be seen living her best life. She wrote that she is breaking the "freaking cycle" of abuse and neglect. Her social media followers are absolutely in awe of how far she has come. One person commented, "You're now living the life you deserved all along." 

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