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Toddler leaves travelers in splits by belting out 'Bohemian Rhapsody' at airport after flight delay

As she is led away in her stroller, the kid puts her heart and soul into it as she sings out loud: 'Goodbye everybody. I got to go!'

Toddler leaves travelers in splits by belting out 'Bohemian Rhapsody' at airport after flight delay
Cover Image Source: Reddit/u/mindyour

Most of us have encountered kids becoming cranky and irritated while traveling. More so when flights are delayed or if they have to wait in a place for a long time. However, that's not the case with this little girl who figured out a way to entertain herself. In an adorable video posted on Reddit by u/mindyour, we see the child being chirpy despite her flight being delayed for five hours. Setting the mood right, she sings the evergreen song "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen out loud for everyone at the airport.

The text overlay on the video reads, "Plane was delayed 5 hours but all good, our 2-year-old was providing live entertainment, featuring Queen." In the clip, the hilarious little one sings out: "Mamaa, I we just because, and now I've gone and thrown it all away (sic)." A man—presumably a family member—can then be seen taking her away in a stroller even as she sings: "Goodbye everybody. I got to goooo! (sic)" 

Image Source: Reddit/ u/mindyour
Image Source: Reddit/u/mindyour

The video has about 1.1k upvotes on Reddit. It is captioned, "When you're a Queen fan and got delayed at the airport." Many in the comments section found the child hilarious. u/New2dis11 commented, "Hahaha the timing on the last line was great." u/ok_Cream_6987 wrote, "Everybody walking by like 'Ugh another crying kid... wait a minute. I know that tune.'" A comment by u/CLONE-11011100 read, "That is awesome!" u/neo_tok shared, "That kid is being raised right!" u/DisagreeableSay chimed in, "Haha kids are the best!" 

Image courtesy: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit
Image courtesy: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


This is the sort of energy and attitude that is often missing in adults. 

Image Source: Reddit/u/mindyour
Image Source: Reddit/u/mindyour

Another kid named Cairo Koomson, who also loves singing, gave a special performance of the song "Peaches" at his school. His younger brother and the crowd could not stop singing along with the talented youngster.

The voiceover in the video states, "My 7-year-old son sang 'Peaches' at his school and the crowd went crazy." The child, wearing a bright yellow Bowser costume from the movie "Super Mario 2," starts singing while playing the piano. The crowd gets excited as he says: "This one is for my one and only true love Princess Peach." Once Cairo begins to sing the chorus, "Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, Peaches I love you oh..." the kids begin to wave their hands and start to sing along. 

Image Source: TikTok/@letsgocairo
Image Source: TikTok/@letsgocairo

The performance by the first grader garnered a whole lot of praise on social media. @chewyvr1 commented, "Bros playing the piano like it's nothing." @EvenAngel wrote: "It’s such innocent joy, bringing these beautiful souls together." @aaliyah.lisa shared, "As a teacher, the purity of this would make me cry." @mollifiedmoo expressed, "I'm loving that kids are discovering the awesomeness that is Jack Black and his magical vocals." @heather5717 said, "Some kids are just born to shine a bit brighter." 

In an interview with TODAY, Cairo's mom Tracy Koomson said that her younger son Eli, who has autism, was in tears after seeing his brother's performance. “For Eli to show emotion was a big deal. I can count on one hand where he’s appropriately cried,” she said. 

Editor's note: This article was originally published on June 30, 2023. It has since been updated.

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