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Toddler has the most honest reaction while deciding if she 'likes' her baby sister in wholesome clip

The toddler's attempt to express her real emotions results in hilarious reactions from the baby who seems pretty confused.

Toddler has the most honest reaction while deciding if she 'likes' her baby sister in wholesome clip
Cover Image Source: TikTok/ @kaylakosuga

New additions to the family bring a lot of joy. But, at the same time, it requires adjustment. Adjustment is hard for toddlers as they are more or less attuned to a fixed routine and have a lifestyle centered around them. Therefore, welcoming a new sibling brings out a lot of emotions in them. They have to involve a new presence in their life and accept them wholeheartedly. These conflicting feelings are on display in a video posted by Kayla K Gomez, who goes by @kaylakosuga on TikTok and kaylakosuga on Instagram. In the clip, her daughter is seen trying to figure out how exactly she should feel about this new person in her life.

Image Source: Instagram/@kaylakosuga
Image Source: TikTok/@kaylakosuga


Kayla Gomez is a social media influencer with two daughters. Some time back, she welcomed her second daughter Elisia and wanted to showcase how her elder daughter, Elliana, reacted to the new development. As revealed by the publication Parents, older siblings are known to take charge and voice their opinions. Eliana is no different and has no problem being open about her feelings, even if it keeps changing, in a matter of seconds. They put the baby on her lap and recorded her reactions. As expected, they were beyond adorable but also all over the place. Elliana could not decide how to process this new relationship in her life and whether it was something she should be happy or angry about.

Image Source: Instagram/ @kaylakosuga
Image Source: TikTok/ @kaylakosuga


At first, Eliana seems happy and ecstatically says, "I love you, baby sister." After that, she proceeds to give the baby a peck on her forehead. She then changes her mind and says, "Ew baby." But again, comes back to her loving self, sweetly asking her mother, "Mommy, I want that one." After this, another U-turn is taken with, "Yucky baby." The back and forth continues until she finally exclaims to the baby, "No more." This attitude seems to have perplexed the baby on her lap the most, as she continues to see her sister go through a whirlwind of emotions with wide eyes.

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Though the video showcases that Eliana is finding it hard to adjust to her new sister, the mother's update showcases that she has come around. In one of her recent videos, where she and her husband and arranging a playroom, the sisters are happily playing with each other. They named their newest member Elisia, creating a tandem with her elder sister's name. The parents are committed to prioritizing both the children equally and giving them the best life possible from their end.

Image Source: Instagram/ @abreu.ariadne
Image Source: Instagram/ @abreu.ariadne


Image Source: Instagram/ @raza_kim
Image Source: Instagram/ @raza_kim


The comment section was in complete awe of the two babies and could not control their laughter, seeing the one-sided banter. @preethi.shettyyy verbalizes Elisia's feelings, "Elisia literally said, 'Bro, do you want me or not?'" @aishwaryikes cannot wait to see what the future holds for this expressive pair, "I can't wait for when Elisia starts talking their conversations will be so chaotic!" The video has already garnered 829k views on Instagram.

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