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Toddler enthusiastically 'reads along' with dad during storytime in adorable video: 'Too cute'

After a point, the father couldn't control his laughter and started laughing towards the end of the video.

Toddler enthusiastically 'reads along' with dad during storytime in adorable video: 'Too cute'
Cover Image Source: Twitter/ @GoodNewsCorres1

A child's relationship with his dad is a special one. Kids love to play with them and cherish the sweet moments they have with their dads. They also often imitate them in the way they talk or behave. In one such instance, a father was in the middle of a usual bedtime routine with his son, reading a book for him. As he was reading, his toddler is seen imitating him. Though he is just babbling, it is the most adorable thing one would come across on the internet.

The book that the father is reading is called, "Ilama Ilama Red Pajama." The dad reads a page and turns to the next one. "Mama says she will be up soon... Llama is not coming yet. Baby Llama starts to fret," the father can be heard reading. Meanwhile, the child also imitates him in his baby language. After a point, the father cannot control his laughter and starts laughing towards the end of the video.

Image Source: Twitter/ @GoodNewsCorres1
Image Source: Twitter/@GoodNewsCorres1

It was posted on Twitter by @GoodNewCorres1. The video has more than 121.7K views and is captioned, "Dad reads a story to baby while baby 'reads along!' Such a smart little one! A Beautiful bond." Many on social media loved the father-son reading time. @LindaPranti1 commented, "That is the ABSOLUTE best Beautiful baby... Great Dad... Precious moment." @takecare2day wrote, "If only all parents did this, kids would come to school ready to read!" @oftheRandalls said, "Too cute." @cantakethetruth expressed, "Too precious." @LadyLibertyII wrote, "Fake till you make it." @merlotlover77 commented, ooh I love a good blahmalmalblah."

Image Source: Twitter/ @GoodNewsCorres1
Image Source: Twitter/ @GoodNewsCorres1


A father on Reddit also had a very sweet moment with his son and he was able to capture it on a camera. In the video, a dad can be seen holding his child and saying, "Can you say 'I love you?'" The baby is seen speaking in his own language. However, the father continues to try. He slowly repeats the words twice, "I love you... I love you." The dad asks him to try and suddenly the child says, "I love you." The parents seem so happy and then the dad hugs his kid. 

Image Source: Reddit/ u/Lonely_fuckers69
Image Source: Reddit/u/Lonely_fuckers69

The video is captioned, "Baby boy says 'I love you' to Dad copying his lip movements." It has more than 42k upvotes and 300 comments. Many on Reddit found the father-son moment adorable. u/princess_kittah commented, "Awww that's adorable, and dad is so proud!" u/lonely_fucker69 wrote, "The way the baby tried to get his mouth shape right to say it was amazing." u/murphyitsnotyou pointed out, "Things like this are where camera phone technology really comes into its own. Recording all these little moments wasn't affordable to most people a few decades ago."

u/pantrymonster expressed, "The way the baby even tried to get the tongue motion for the 'L' in love." u/lorenaelsalulz commented, "He’s so advanced for a baby. He’s amazing and adorable." u/SunshineInDetroit wrote, "Oh I miss my kids when they were that little. I don't miss the diapers and no sleep but they were so cute then." u/kokeitchiOma shared, "Our baby girl who is now 5yrs old did this a few times one day when she was maybe 2 or 3 months old. Not once did we catch it on camera or when someone was on the phone. So no one believes us to this day lol! I thought it was hilarious but my wife is still pissed her dad calls BS lol!! XD!! They are incredibly lucky to have gotten it on camera!"

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