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Toddler duo jamming with their dog in a band of their own is the cutest thing on the internet today

These two little boys created their own band and performed rather authentically. With laughs, everyone on the internet is jamming along.

Toddler duo jamming with their dog in a band of their own is the cutest thing on the internet today
Cover Image Source: X| @Buitengebieden

Having kids run around, learning, exploring and doing so much more during their toddler stages is hilariously adorable. Kids have their own creative ways of keeping themselves busy and enjoying every moment without care. @Buitengebieden shared a viral video of two toddler brothers that has everyone’s hearts melting. The video on X (previously known as Twitter) has amassed thousands of views and likes while the two toddler brothers remain unbothered, entertaining themselves and another friend of theirs. The video captured the two boys sitting in a corner of a room with a drum set and playing the life out of it.

Image Source: TikTok| @fjerry
Image Source: X| @Buitengebieden

An adorable dog, presumably their pet, also seems to be enjoying accompanying the two as it walks around the boys. While one brother was handling the set of drums, the other was seated beside him with a guitar in the most iconically amusing display. Having no clue or care about what they’re doing and who’s watching, they immediately got into their serious mode to form a “band” of their own. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…” one of the little boys said to give the cue to begin. Surprisingly, his brother got the hint and the two began blasting their instruments at the same time. Perfectly in sync, one must say.

Image Source: TikTok| @fjerry
Image Source: X| @Buitengebieden

As an inaudible song played to help the toddlers perform, the duo engaged in their respective instruments as if they meant business. As soon as the lyrics were sung, the boys too, joined in. Unable as they were, since they had barely learned words, there were only sounds they were able to mouth which was hysterical. However, seated on their little chairs, they gave it their all, giving all a worthwhile performance and becoming the stars of the internet. The boy with the guitar spared no effort playing like an absolute legend and it was noteworthy. Right from the expressions to the guitar-handling styles, he aced everything like a perfect guitarist.

Image Source: TikTok| @fjerry
Image Source: X | @Buitengebieden

Receiving over 5.3 million views on Twitter alone, the post has surely become viral. What’s more, people had so much to say apart from being in awe of the tiny tots who surely found a love for music. @ishmael0464 said, “Hahahaha who buys a toddler a drum set? Probably Grandma.” @BovodioToad said, “The guitar player works at Lowes for his day job.” @vernam79 joked and said, “Put them in the middle of the field. Jungle will be empty.” 




@awva_design was among others who confidently assured that the brothers could make the next popular band in the coming years. They said, “Superstar music band through 10-15 years, I think.” Some others managed to get themselves in the flow of the music. @BobbyKang shared lyrics of the music and commented, “They and some guys from school. Had a band and they tried real hard. Jimmy quit and Jody got married. They should've known they'd never get far.” @DrAppleton said, “This will be the next Metallica.” @__Astrodude said, “It’s about time these two become world-class.” @WritingMagnate said, “They started earlier and are going to succeed earlier.”


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