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Toddler climbs into claw machine covering himself with plush toys and his joy is unmatched

'It’s not unlike him to do something like this. His nickname is Dennis the Menace for a reason.'

Toddler climbs into claw machine covering himself with plush toys and his joy is unmatched
Cover Image Source: Instagram/@storyfulvideo

Children’s minds are full of curiosity and wonder. Sometimes these incredible minds look at the world in their own way and do mischievous things that no one else would have even thought of. Ashlee Larsen from Melbourne, Australia, is mother to 2-year-old Brooklyn, who is nicknamed "Dennis the Menace." Last month while Larsen was eating supper at a "family-friendly" restaurant, Brooklyn entered a claw machine. “I thought, ‘I haven’t seen him in a couple of minutes, I’m sure he’s probably just in the slide’, but another minute went by and I didn’t see him come out, so I thought I’d better go check on him,” Larsen told 7NEWS. In an adorable video, the toddler is seen grinning ear-to-ear, seeming extremely pleased with himself at the mischief he had engaged in by entering the claw machine.


When Larsen discovered him, he was grinning within the plexiglass box and covered from head to knee in plush toys. “He crawled through the door that the teddies come out of, and climbed his way up the chute into the machine,” Larsen told Storyful, adding that her son was initially, “very happy with himself and was throwing the toys down the chute for all his friends.” The pub management then contacted the fire department, but Brooklyn began to cry before they could arrive and Larsen's partner Troy Wright tried to calm him down. “It was actually pretty hard to get him out, because as he was chucking the toys down the chute, it was kind of blocking it, like clogging it up,” Wright said.



While emergency services were called in to help, Larsen and her partner had already managed to get the child out. His parents coaxed him out of the claw machine with one word: "Nanny." “I thought, what’s going to get him down? His favorite person, his nanny. So I said ‘Nanny’s here, come and see Nanny’. So, straight away he went ‘Nanny?’ and he just turned around backwards and he just slid on out,” she added. Larsen said Brooklyn “ended up crawling down backward” with their help, out of the machine. But Brooklyn's endeavors were not fruitless. Once he was released from his situation trapped inside the claw machine, Larsen shared that her son actually managed to walk away with “some” toys. The toddler really lived up to his name, the mom added, saying, “It’s not unlike him to do something like this. His nickname is Dennis the Menace for a reason.”


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