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Toddler and a UPS delivery driver's heart-to-heart interaction caught on camera is so wholesome

This little boy's new friendship with a UPS delivery driver is reminding all of us that kindness is free.

Toddler and a UPS delivery driver's heart-to-heart interaction caught on camera is so wholesome
Cover Image Source: YouTube | NBC Connecticut

Kids are known to forge friendships with strangers quicker than what adults are capable of. Just like that, a kid from Connecticut bonded with a UPS delivery driver as their interaction was recorded on the doorbell camera of the boy's home. According to PEOPLE, 2-year-old Owen May of Meriden, Connecticut, lovingly greeted Frank Sims, the delivery driver, as he was dropping off packages to the May household this month.


May's mother, Lillian, first posted the video on her Facebook page, which received an overwhelming amount of love and attention from the netizens. The doorbell camera footage of the May household also showed Sims helping to get their family dog back inside their garage. The TikTok account of @nbcnewyork later reposted the clip, which garnered over 600,000 likes from people and went viral.

In the video, May can be heard and seen thanking Sims as the driver returns to his truck after doing his job. As Sims replied, "You are welcome," May adorably said, "I love you!" “Awww, I love you too!" the UPS driver quipped, "Thank you! We need lots of love in the world.” The duo went on to share a warm hug and at the end of the video, Sims jokes about how "he’d send a message to Santa because he is Santa’s helper when he’s really busy.”

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Norma Mortenson
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Norma Mortenson

“It was very cute,” May's mother said to PEOPLE. Lillian, who is a nurse by profession, could already recognize Sims since their previous home was on the delivery driver's route as well but she was not familiar with his name. Nevertheless, she was happy to see her son's joyful interaction with Sims. “Daycare told me this week that they've been focusing a lot on the different holidays. So Owen has been getting more and more excited about Christmas and about Santa," she continued.

“Frank really took to Owen. It was so sweet and genuine. It was a great moment. All day, we kept looking back at the video from our camera and it made our day," she says, "I just wanted him to get a little recognition just for going out of his way to be nice to us and making Owen's day,” Lillian said. She also spoke about how she wanted the delivery driver to get some recognition for his kindness. NBC Connecticut later aired another footage where they showed a reunion between May and Sims after their initial interaction.


But Sims didn't arrive empty-handed. Since it's the holiday season, the driver brought the little kid a UPS beanie as a present. “I’m grateful to Owen’s mom for sharing our interaction," Sims told the outlet in a statement, "When I first saw the video, I was surprised, as I had no idea. A friend of mine had tagged my wife in her post and the next thing I knew, it had gone viral. The response from the public has been overwhelming."

"During this first encounter with Owen, he reminded me so much of my son—full of energy and life. Owen’s innocence is captivating and he teaches us to love freely without hate," Sims added, "Owen is what it’s all about and who we should all strive to be more like spreading kindness, joy and love. I’m glad this is reaching so many people and bringing much happiness to this holiday season.”


Lillian remarked that the lesson we can learn from these types of experiences is that "little things matter." “How Sims interacted with Owen was so special and brought a smile to our faces the rest of the day. And rewatching the video continues to make us smile and clearly with how it took off on social media. It's just a good way to kick off the holiday season with a really special moment like that,” Lillian said in conclusion.


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