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Runner misses water stop and his rival immediately offers his drink during the race in amazing gesture

This is a true show of sportsmanship and humanity as one runner slowed his own run to offer water to the other.

Runner misses water stop and his rival immediately offers his drink during the race in amazing gesture
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/Sapulinjingavatar

International sports are as competitive as it gets, but one thing that is valued highly among athletes is mutual respect and admiration. Moments involving athletes showing sportsman spirit in the thick of the competition always move the audience and fellow athletes as well. In a recent video uploaded on Reddit by u/Sapulinjingavatar, we see a true example of sportsmanship in the South East Games, a 10,000-metre race. We see two runners next to each other; one misses his water stop and continues running, and the other runner comes to help him by offering him his own glass of water. This is a true show of sportsmanship and humanity, where one runner slowed his own run to offer water to the other. It is only later that we find out that the one who was offered water won the race and earned a gold medal and the man who offered him water became the runner-up of the race. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/Sapulinjing avatar
Image Source: Reddit | u/Sapulinjingavatar

We can also hear some commentary, "They both break for water. On this occasion, sporting absolutely sporting. You cannot make that up. You cannot fake it either. He is a gentleman and he is still very young. He has tried to share water with someone who tried to break for water in that last water break. Missed the water. Knocked it over. Instead of pouring the water on himself, he handed the water to his competitor in the race. That's just remarkable. The sporting spirit is wonderful and at the games, we love to see it." The caption of the video reads, "In the SEA games 10,000m race, gold medallist misses his water stop and the runner up shares his drink with him."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Sapulinjingavatar
Image Source: Reddit | u/Sapulinjingavatar

This show of support for his competitor won the hearts of many on Reddit and the video has garnered more than 26K upvotes and hundreds of comments. In the comments, we see appreciation for the runner and some discussion about how important it is to help others, irrespective of the situation. One u/rationalkate commented, "I always wonder if you want to win at any cost or if you want to win because you are the best on that day at that time." u/devedander wrote, "Ideally winning at a competition is what makes you feel good, not others losing. So it makes sense to help each other so you can truly feel good about your win."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Pickingnamesisharder
Image Source: Reddit | u/Pickingnamesisharder

u/Party-Travel5046 wrote, "He did it in front of an empty stadium which means he wasn't being a showman. He is a true sportsman. Glad someone caught on camera though." While u/somethingfunneee wrote, "Of course it's sportsmanship but some people also forget more often than not they are doing this because their own win wouldn't feel as good if they knew that someone wasn't racing to beat of their ability. I don't know how I got 100 upvotes with "racing to beat of their ability" when I meant "to the best of their ability" lol." 

Image Source: Reddit | u/iamsavsavage
Image Source: Reddit | u/iamsavsavage

And u/surprisefragrant shared, "Runners are awesome people. I say this as one of the fatter and slower members of the running community, but I've never met a greater community of sporty people. Even in high-stakes races like this, we take care of each other. We don't want to beat you because you fucked up; we want to beat you because we were the best runner." 

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