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Rep. Tim Ryan eviscerates GOP over labor bill: 'Stop talking Dr. Seuss and start working with us’

Democratic Congressman Mark Pocan also slammed for GOP leaders for obstructing bills aimed at helping workers.

Rep. Tim Ryan eviscerates GOP over labor bill: 'Stop talking Dr. Seuss and start working with us’
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 23: Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) speaks during the Democratic Presidential Committee (DNC) summer meeting on August 23, 2019 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Im

Ohio congressman Tim Ryan lashed out at his GOP colleagues for opposing the rights of the workers in a stirring speech on the House floor. The Democrat called out his colleagues from across the aisle for creating an issue out of Dr. Seuss' books instead of working to protect the rights of the American workers. He took the GOP congresspersons to the task as they opposed a bill to expand protections for organized labor, the Protecting the Right to Organize Act, or the Pro Act. “Heaven forbid we pass something that’s going to help the damn workers in the United States of America! Heaven forbid we tilt the balance that has been going in the wrong direction for 50 years!” shouted Ryan on the House floor on Tuesday, reported Washington Post. “Now, stop talking about Dr. Seuss, and start working with us on behalf of the American workers.”



Tim Ryan's passionate speech went viral on the internet as he pointed out the inequality divide and slammed the Republicans for focusing on 'cancel culture.' The conservatives, instead of trying to pass the workers' rights bill, have directed all their energy towards slamming 'cancel culture' after a publisher announced that it would stop producing a series of Dr. Seuss' books that contained racist imagery. “In the late ’70s, a CEO made 35 times the worker. Today it’s three [hundred] to 400 times the worker,” said Ryan, reminding GOP leaders what they have enabled over the years. “And our friends on the other side [are] running around with their hair on fire.”



The proposed bill aims to improve working conditions while giving employees the power to navigate workplace disputes. GOP, which has a history of supporting the rich and companies, argued that it would endanger worker privacy, threaten free speech, and serve labor leaders’ interests. The bill will also add penalties to employers who violate labor laws and weaken “right-to-work” laws in 27 states that do not require workers to join or pay dues to unions. President Biden has voiced his support for the bill. The President signed an executive order restoring collective bargaining power to federal employees within days of taking office, reported The Huffington Post. His administration also removed Trump-appointed officials from the National Labor Relations Board.



With Amazon workers aiming to unionize at the company's Alabama warehouse, Biden backed the workers in their efforts. "This is vitally important, a vitally important choice, as America grapples with the deadly pandemic, the economic crisis, and the reckoning on race — what it reveals the deep disparities that still exist in our country," said Biden in the video. "And there should be no intimidation, no coercion, no threats, no anti-union propaganda." The President also called out Amazon for reportedly attempting to sabotage the efforts of the workers to unionize. Biden said unions “put power in the hands of workers. They level the playing field. They give you a stronger voice ― for your health, your safety, higher wages, protection from racial discrimination and sexual harassment.”



The Republican party has attempted to position itself as the party of the working people while repeatedly voting against bills that benefit the working class, including the coronavirus bill. Democratic Congressman Mark Pocan laughed off the GOP's attempts to brand itself as the party of the working people. “Please, if you are the party of working people, then I’m a stunt double doppelganger for Brad Pitt,” quipped Pocan sarcastically. “I hope you enjoyed me in the 'Fight Club.’” The Pro Act did pass the House with five Republicans joining Democrats in supporting the bill, and just one Democrat, Henry Cuellar of Texas, voting against it. The bill is unlikely to pass the Senate, where it could face a filibuster.

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